'Ghostbuster' Leslie Jones quits Twitter over racist abuse


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Leslie Jones is without a doubt one of SNL's funniest members and I love when she makes an appearance of Weekend Update which makes me wake up the kids I laugh so hard. Being a celeb, you have to have to be strong though because trolls which try to drag you threw the dirt as they are living free of charge in their mama's basement.

If you hate the idea of a movie, don't watch it. There is no need to criticize actors/actresses for trying to get paid as we do in our daily lives.

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She's 48?? Don't I feel dumb.

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She is not an African American. She does not hold a passport for the African Continent. She does however hold one for America and she is proud to be one.

Quit with the name stereotyping and categorizing. We Americans are Americans and proud to be Americans with blood from all over the world. This name garbage has to stop. Her passport is American.

And besides that, she has to get much better writers at SNL who always make her portrayed as a loud mouth ignorant black woman of which she is not. She is a smart comedian and has to demand a change of writers.

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It's annoying to read about yet another celebrity whining and complaining about getting "abused" by words on the Internet. The Internet has never been other than a rough and tumble free for all. Does Jones actually believe that her mere presence merits that she be treated any better than anyone else? What people from all over the world post is nothing less than the reality of humanity. Those who believe that it is possible to create anything close to a socialist utopia on Earth should know better by now.

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What an unfortunate world view the above comment expresses. We should all live in the cesspool MRAers create for themselves, huh?

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I once had dreams of utopia. They were destroyed by the 'political correctness' nightmare of liberal political policies. Amerika's politicians openly pander token support to minorities and a majority of those minorities are too ignorant to see it... and political players KNOW it.

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