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'Ghostbusters' cast set with McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon, Jones


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This is going to be awful.

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All female lead cast for Ghostbusters? While I do like female leads, I think it should have been much more mixed team... I would have liked a Female Egon (Eyona) Spindler, And the other 2 male, and another female to be on the team.

Please don't ruin Ghostbusters in a remake. Any remake has to be as good as if not better than the original. The remakes of Total Recall, and Robocop really sucked.

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Yes, because nothing signifies "quality" quite like the phrase "Hollywood reboot of Ghostbusters!"

Are you the Gatekeeper? If so, I'd like to file a complaint!

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Please don't ruin Ghostbusters in a remake

You missed Ghostbusters 2 then?

This one sounds so bad it'll make that look like the original Ghostbusters.

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I have no problem with an all female team but most reboots I've seen are just bad, not all but most.

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Really, it's not much progress at all. Sure they're chicks, and some talented ones at that (Wiig and Mckinnon) and two loud fat ones with one-note vocals to swear a lot (McCarthy and Jones) but, they basically copied the original cast, 3 white leads and a black supporting member, with 3 white leads and I bet a black supporting member.

Until Hollywood puts talented Asian or Hispanic or (god forbid) Middle Eastern actors in these franchise films and not the stereotype roles, we'll never know how bankable or talented minority actors/actresses can be. Talented minority actors do exist, it's just we never see them to know it.

And whatever with the reboot, they're not erasing the original from the world so I can still enjoy it any time I want. If you wanna see Bridesmaids 2: Slimer gets Hitched, have at it.

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"This is going to be awful."

Dan Aykroyd says the new cast is "magnificent"...

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Hollywood is a business. It's purpose is to make money. Why risk making something good where you can't assure management of a return when to can redo something that has already been done so you can at least cash-in on the nostalgia dollar.

Can't wait for movie-making to take a step in the same direction as music where good musicians can now make music and bypass the companies completely. There's some great music out there these days that would never get "picked up" by record companies in the past. I guess we can only hope.

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Well, it's unlikely that they cross the streams.

@donkusai, there ARE indie movies. You just don't see their posters, or trailers, or interviews with the cast, or huge opening nights etc.

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Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote Ghostbusters as well. The comedy was just genius for the time. "Quiet! Do you smell that?" weird and funny and genuine. Ray Parker Jr theme song music was actually a hit at the time, and there was a Ghostbusters bump for a while when the movie was out. A fun time. Ah the 80's... an innocent Zeitgest?

Weird and funny and genuine movies don't survive reboots. Not today.

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i was totally interested when i heard last year that there was going to be a reboot. the thought of murray, akroyd and maybe a robot version of ramis would have been epic! but with an all-female cast, this one is gonna stink.

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Can hollywood not create something new ? Stealing from the past in re-makes now called reboots doesn't mean it will be better than the original.

Whomever mentioned stinkers - Total recall was one and the biggest I have seen is Tinker Tailor . The original with Sir Alec Guiness in the lead could not ever be re-made successfully, he was just too good in the role as George Smiley.

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Are you the Gatekeeper? If so, I'd like to file a complaint!

Are you the Keymaster?

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An all-female cast? this is not going to be ghostbusters at all,

Weird and funny and genuine movies don't survive reboots. Not today.

totally agree...

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