GLAY heats up Yokohama to the delight of 15,000 fans


Legendary Japanese rock band GLAY, who just celebrated their 15th anniversary, rocked the city of Yokohama at their first concert in over five years, held at Nishi Ward's Nippon Maru Memorial Park on Sunday.

The show was the first free concert to be held in the metropolitan area, and was announced at around 8 a.m. on the band's website. Despite the 27 degree temperatures, 15,000 fans gathered to see the show. Lead vocalist Teru, 37, shouted out his appreciation, "It's a little hot, but let's have a rocking good time!!" The band belted out a total of five songs, including the new "I am xxx," to be released Wednesday 10 on GLAY's best-of album, "The Great Vacation Vol 1."

The band is scheduled to play for around 15,000 fans on August 15 and 16 at Yokohama's Nissin Stadium. Teru tempted the crowd, saying, "It's thanks to all of you that we've been able to come this far in the past 15 years. Thank you! The show at Nissin is going to be even better than today!!"

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what in god's name is a glay ?

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So that's what the noise was

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First concert in 5 yrs ? I don't think so, they had the Verb Tour last year nice try though !

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The text also says they are performing for 15,000 at Yokohama Nissin Stadium, which is obvioulsy wrong. the Nissin Stadium has a 70,000 something capacity, and GLAY is the band that played for 200,000 in one concert, playing for 15,000 is pretty rotine for them.

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I adore Glay.

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glay's pretty nice.

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This is Rock? Waaah, it's just a little Up-tempo-J-Pop...

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^ What difference does that make?

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