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Godzilla comes back to Japan, in ways fresh and familiar


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No need to see it. The trailers show that 90% of the movie, as in real life in Japan, is them rushing to have meetings to thik about what to do, and the 'drama' that ensues at such meetings.

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It is a shame that in 2016, nobody told these guys at one point that their monster looks like a giant toy, literally. There are so many incredibly talented artists/3D designers and animators in the world that it just looks weird.

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A Japanese-American special envoy, played impudently by Satomi Ishihara

Japan's jimusho system in full swing. How many other movies / dramas / commercials has she been in this year? It's such a joke. Up next - debut album!

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It was a GREAT movie. Especially if you're a lifelong fan of Hideki Anno as I am. I will go see it again.

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I'm looking forward to the DVD, I'll miss the cinema screening in Japan and I doubt it'll ever reach UK cinemas... My Japanese friends say it's great, and I trust their judgement. I'm a big Godzilla fan and this looks spectacular, despite the conference scenes.

Just remember, it's for Japanese audiences, not jaded western cinemagoers. ;)

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Not jaded, the CG just isnt up to par to the west. I recently re-watched the 2014 version and even though im not a godzilla fan that movie was really great. The design of that godzilla was also great. This one looks terrible, but before I give an honest opinion ill watch the Japanese version although im really not looking forward to it

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Thunderbird: "Just remember, it's for Japanese audiences, not jaded western cinemagoers. ;)"

Not jaded, just not dumb enough to settle for or pay for stuff that looks worse than claymation, and a recycled cast looking angry at meetings. If it floats your boat, good! The world is rich for the vast array of stories and quality.

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It takes some guts to make an old fashioned monster movie..a retro style film like this. Maybe parents would take their kids, but thn the very young would still be unnerved. Doing it this way makes it more interesting...otherwise why bother after the last big movie?

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Saw it opening day. LOT of full face shots of upper caste politicians, none particularly good looking, sitting in brocaded seats in typical awful Japan office style. That was the horrifying aspect of this movie for me. I felt sorry for Gojira san, taking full missle hits in the face. The chic was quite saucy, but I am sure she never paid much attention in her English classes due to massive beauty factor. Anyway, I recommend the movie, and thank anyone who can explain what was said as there were no English subtitles in Japan (silly me). Tokyo Station, just refurbished, smashed. Heart palpitations! Duh duh duh, duh duh duh, dudududu dah!

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Is that big Godzilla statue still up in Tokyo?

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And now ANOTHER King Kong movie is coming out. And of all people Samuel Jackson is in it. Hmmm. Godzilla......Gorilla. Is there a link here? Are they.....maybe.....the same guy? Fur, scales, what's the difference in the long 2 hour run? Speaking of strange..... Jack the Ripper. Winnie the Pooh. Coincidence? I think not.....

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