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Godzilla returns: Sequel announced at Comic-Con


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Ugh, no.

The first one was enough.

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Ugh, no.

The first one was enough.

Have some fun, man! If you don't like it, then just don't go to the movies. I enjoyed Godzilla 2014 a lot.

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He picks up a bus and he throws it back down, As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town, Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla

The song is 36 years old. Godzilla is 60. Could we just get something new under the sun?

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'A sequel to the massive-monster film featuring classic creatures from the franchise is in the works.'

Fancy that.

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At least next time use a guy in a Godzilla costume. The computer animation just doesn't have the right feel.

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Those of you who don't like 2014 Godzilla have no sense of cinematic storytelling at its finest. The director wanted to bring back the gritty, suspenseful feel of the old and original ゴジラ. It was a really good film all around and the sequel should be even better!

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One worry about the sequel, the director won't be doing it as he will be doing a Star Wars movie.

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Released two days ago in Japan and they are already making a new one?

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Gogogo, it's been out for months elsewhere around the world and been a huge success. As you probably know, Japan usually is one of the last countries to get Hollywood movies and it's summer holiday here so a good time to release it.

It"S ME, I'm not too worried, sequels tend to have a different feel altogether, especially since we've been introduced to Godzilla, the pacing and slow reveal will less so, so I think it shouldn't matter too much on if the same director does it or not. I'm sure he'll have a say in who takes the reigns in his place.

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"the winged Mothra and Rodan and the three-headed Ghidorah will face off with the radioactive lizard in the sequel."

Cripes! How about Godzilla vs Alien, Predator and Angelina Jolie?

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Hollywood, can you produce some original stuff, rather than tons of remakes of other countries' movies?

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I don't get why so many people put Godzilla 2014 down. It was an awesome and exciting film. I loved every bit of it.

Looking forward to the next one. Hey at least it wasn't as shiite as 1998 Godzilla which looked like a mutated T-Rex.

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If you want to see the original Godzilla, Nihoneigasenmonchannel is currently showing 55 hours of Godzilla movies. I managed to watch a little bit and it was comically entertaining, but it failed to keep me riveted to my chair to say the least. I noticed some actors who were young and unknown then and who are now old(er) and well known. To me, that was about the only interesting thing. By the way, Godzilla 2014 is topping the box office charts here in Japan, so there is quite some interest in this film locally. I'll watch it, eventually.

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Godzilla Returns? He always gets sent back to the sea. He always returns for another pasting.

Just sat and watched one of them on BS 3 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. (?) When Mecha gets kicked over by Godzilla and its batteries are all flat, they turn off all the lights around Tokyo and ask Tepco to fire him up. Tepco saves the day!!!

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