Golden Globes to go ahead without audience or TV broadcast


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No one cares about a show of self congratulating millionaires and thier “ achievements “

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Fine by me. I’m not missing anything by this.

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Well, any opportunity lost of having the unfunny Gervais thrust upon us is good news.

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The Golden Globe's audience has decreased from 26.8 million viewers in 2004 to 5.4 million viewers

in 2021. No one wants to see multimillionaires give political statements and talk about their virtue signaling.

Go virtue signaling.

Go viewership decreasing.

Go woke.

Go broke!


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Perfect, then the media can spin it as a complete success.

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No credibility,

No reputation to maintain,

Nobody to appease.

We might get some honest critique of film now. I think I will watch on youtube or directly on the site.

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Who cares?

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All these entertainment award shows bothered me since they bump a show and take up parts of the news cycle for a few days which are better spent showing Simpson's reruns or real news.

If the AVN was on regular TV and got bumped, I'd care more, but still not much.

Don't misunderstand. I enjoy the work that entertainers do and the resulting output from the industry, but until they provide live coverage of Metal of Honor ceremonies on the same level as these awards shows, pffffft. Coverage for awards that actually matter would be nice. No, doing 90% of your own stunts doesn't count.

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