Gossip magazine claims Yuko Asano, Goro Tamiya secretly a couple


Women's gossip magazine Josei Jishin published claims this week that 51-year-old actress Yuko Asano and the second son of the late actor Jiro Tamiya have been carrying on a secret love affair for five years.

Josei Jishin reported that 45-year-old Goro Tamiya, also an actor, is being visited regularly by Asano following his hospitalization in April due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

A hoard of reporters confronted Asano Monday night at Tokyo's Meiji Theater, where she is currently starring in "Kurotokage," to ask her about the relationship. However, Asano bowed to the reporters and left by the stage door without answering any questions, Sports Nippon reported.

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I wonder why anyone thinks that they have a right to ask about her private life. I have never understood this aspect about fandom and the media. An actress should be judged only on her skill as an actress, she should not have to reveal her whole life to the public. Nor should any other public figure. I think in this case she did react perfectly.

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The "title" of the magazine says it all... Some people have nothing better to do than interest themselves in other peoples' private lives.

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No photos? Disappointing. Several months ago, I caught a glimpse of Asano Yuko on a program. A former model turned actor was cooking a meal for her. She looked great. During the bubble era, I recall her being laid back and friendly (I've never met her; just my impression of her from the boob tube!). I thought Tamiya Jiro sounded familiar. I had to Google his image. I LOVED Tamiya Jiro as a child. I thought he was handsome. I was too young to understand whatever he was in but I remember loving him!

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Wrinkly love - sweet.

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Thumbs up for Mr. Blackwell. I also do not agree with how the Japanese media tries to pry into the personal lives of anyone. I feel so sorry for those that are interviewed and asked about thier love life or lack there of, how a person feels when a family member had be murdered, ringing on door speakers to ask stupid questions, etc. I understand that news is news, but I wish the media had a little more respect for all.

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Good for her. If she doesn't want to have an interview then they should leave her be. And maybe find some real news to report on.

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she looked really hot in her young days. good for them !

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Why the suggestion of scandal, using words like "love affair" and "confront"? Are one or both of them married?

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I would add - if a dear old friend of mine was hospitalized, I would be visiting them regularly. Doesnt mean I am shagging them. Just means I am kind and considerate!

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Wrinkly love - sweet.

???!!! They are 45 and 51! Hardly "wrinkly"!

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It warms my heart to see people so vocal in support of privacy and condemnation of this sort of gossip trash.

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Who and who? Why and why?

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What's this? Two people in Japan... have been dating for 5 years... intentionally! Wow, stop the presses. You just don't do that in Japan.. /sarcasm

Seriously spare us this nonsense and put something online that doesn't make you look emotionally stagnated

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what's wrong with them dating ..they are singles!

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Why does it bother SO MANY people what two adults do? It is, frankly, NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS !

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"how a person feels when a family member had be murdered, ringing on door speakers to ask stupid questions, "

What's strange is that they often answer the questions - through the door speakers.

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