Grammy stars warned not to flash flesh


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Because of that letter, you can expect Lady Gaga to attend fully nude.

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Sad commentary on the evolution of things, when a letter like this, is actually necessary to send to adults...

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It's Bizzarre and really an important question - especially these days.

It's not really that bizarre when you look at America's history. From the very beginning the country was settled by prudes. I personally see nothing wrong with the human body, but if I were to publically push for the elimination of nudity laws, I would be branded a pervert and shunned by the general public. Even in these "enlightened" days, America is still very much the prude.

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Perhaps they should stage the next Grammy ceremony in Saudi Arabia? No danger of seeing any fleshy under curves there.

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Why is America so uptight about nudity while so much violence is presented without question? Violence is normalized and nudity is demonized. It's Bizzarre and really an important question - especially these days.

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in Europe we believe nudity does not automatically mean indecency. Children are just as exposed to it as they are in Japan, and we turn our just fine. the Euros laughed to tears during Nipplegate, come on, it was just a nipple...

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Blue, maybe it's because she refuses to comply with anybody elses standards?

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I'm betting more actresses will be exposing more flesh to make a point.

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"Butter crack" : The drug of choice for the discerning addict.

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@DudeDeuce Because everyone has to conform to Gaga's standards?

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It's the Grammys not the MTV awards.

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To all those calling Americans prudes and suggesting that a little nudity is just fine ... congratulations on missing the point. An awards show is supposed to be a posh event - one for which people actually dress up. It is seen by millions of people live on TV. If you want to get your kit out, an awards show is really not the place for it. And that's no prudery.

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