Grammys CEO on a mission to regain music community's trust


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The only thing worse than these awards are the awards shows.

Do we get any money if someone "wins?"

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age of the manufactured music, they create music using repetitive beats and lyrics and play them on loop until it stick to the herd’s minds.

90s and early 2000s, you could find pretty much all genres playing in the radio, and even if there was a song you didnt particularly like, you could just let it play on background, no harm to the ears, which is impossible in these days

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I don’t know anyone who pays any attention to these silly “awards”. It’s just media generated hype.

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Grammy awards should be changed to the Gummy Awards. The music is trash and the artist sells sex and drugs and if the song is not about ANY of those things it gets no air play. Its totally destructive music for corrupt minds!

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Grammys used to be awarded for music acts. You'd see music acts, playing their music. It was interesting and not too predictable. Yes, seeing Phil Collins performing 'Sussudio' was fun, but did anyone think he'd get three Grammys? He didn't either! And then there was Paul Simon, taking the lead with Ladysmith Black Mambaso and when he got his first Grammy that night he acted like a bashful 2nd grader at his first school play. That same night when he got the 'Album of the Year' award he was cheery to the max. And he had some fierce competition from Peter Gabriel too.

The excitement, the tension, the music. Now it's just generic overchoreographed BS for the sheep masses. However there are still a few exceptions, Adele deserved her 8 Grammys a few years ago, U2 got 8 for 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' and would've thought Robert Plant and Alyson Krause would've raked in 8 that one time?

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