Grammys expand nominee field after criticism on diversity


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What the devil are they complaining about? Adele got a truckload of Grammys last year or so. And she's got talent where Katy Perry and Pink are all image, style and no substance. Those 2 are a joke.  Bruno Mars, a Latino also got quite a number of awards - the picture shows it! And he's a good singer too. And isn't there a rap/hip-hop category already, although not all rappers are black? One would think that there are plenty of openings for minority candidates in the Grammys now.

The biggest problem with the Grammys now is that almost all the popular music of today is trash, waste, refuse, garbage and rubbish. The Grammys themselves have become a bit of a joke too. The Rolling Stones didn't get one until 1986 - for Lifetime Achievement and they are one of the most innovative and influential bands ever.

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Don't you understand, women and minorities won't complain when they win. Only complain when they don't win and that they didn't win enough.

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Yeah cause awards, like jobs, should be given on the basis of soon color and genitals, not skill and merit. Liberals..

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Beyonce don't need the Grammys. She owns music right now.

I love how some complain that music isn't as good as it was in their youth etc.

Every generation had good and bad music.

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just creating more people who dont win, who will then complain about reasons for not winning?

Kind of counterproductive unless everyone nominated just wins.

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More liberal foolishness.

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maybe that cause majority of that music is formulaic garbage.

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Just get rid of the “privileged” artists all together and be done with it. Isn’t that how problems are solved these days?

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We need more real STARS, not manufactured pop slop. Most good new performers who are serious about music are outside of corporate radio's clique group. there's plenty of decent newer groups out there and the label execs need to get off their butts and sign them!

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And they're being too narrow on the list. Tears For Fears, a band I like and have seen twice, has a new album ready to go. They were signed to Warner Bros. and the desk jocks said, 'Gee we like this, it's good but there's not much market for new stuff from "older bands" like you'. That's crap.

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