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'Grand Theft Auto V' hits streets in wild debut


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Yeah nice for the people OUTSIDE Japan. I preordered it back in July to find out it will be delivered in friggin October :/

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a man was stabbed and had his copy stolen minutes after he picked it up in a supermarket.

How ironic!

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there's a reason why this game is rated M.. that being said, can't wait to get it!!!

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This is awesome. I won't leave my house for the next winter break and play GTA5!

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Japan resident, registered for the UK PSN. Pre-ordered, downloaded, and playing it all day yesterday. Needless to say, it lives up to the hype.

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Got a leaked copy last weekend, by far the best GTA game ever, not a virtual copy of LA but still pretty realistic.

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Hotline Miami is the game GTA wishes it could be.

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270 million? without paying up for talent?

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I downloaded mine from the PSN it's amazing compared to the last few games! Glad I didn't have to go through all that craziness to get a copy haha.

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" Past versions have included simulated sex with prostitutes and drunken driving and the latest is said to contain more of the same, along with profanity-packed dialogue."

Is it really any wonder that some borderline sociopaths are influenced/further desensitized by such "games" and then act on their now-trained urges?

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i doubt if a sociopath would be influenced by something as trivial as a video game. at the same time, you are stating that this personality disorder is a learned behavior, which is highly debatable.

can't wait to get my copy!

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I used to think that violent games and movies are not an issue to inspire actual violence. However, upon reflection, I still feel the same way when it comes to mentally stable people. These forms of entertainment/media have no influence on them.

However when it comes to mentally unstable/unbalanced individuals or developing minds, I feel that this game could have an impact on their behavior.

My conclusion - save these treats of violent games for the mentally fit and of age.

Having said that, my copy should arrive at my home today.

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Always makes me chuckle every time a GTA game is released:

Fans of “Grand Theft Auto V” on Tuesday got their first chance to play the latest version of the brutally violent blockbuster video game franchise after many queued for hours to buy it.

What the...? Anyone who's actually played the game would tell you that it's not that violent. Not compared to some more popular first-person / third-person shooters. That's not what fans buy it for.

Past versions have included simulated sex with prostitutes

Most sexually-related content is in innuendo form and purely for comical purposes. It's not part of the main friggin' game. Who the hell writes these pieces?

It's a mature game for mature people. Build a bridge and GET OVER IT.

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Waiting for the PC release on Steam

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I think I'll wait until things calm down a bit.

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For those who believe violent games are not a factor in mass shootings including Columbine, I suggest reading this report:


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“You can really see the maturity in this version..." While the maturity of the gamers is still in question.

"...the graphics look sensational—it really is like being in a virtual copy of LA,” In Britain, a man was stabbed and had his copy stolen minutes after he picked it up in a supermarket.

Sound like he got the best deal. "So this is what it feels like when I stab people!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to buy this game sometime down the line. I just think it's a little humorous.

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@wipeout, if you bothered to read the report you would see the games played a factor in the specific US instances. UK cases are not part of the studies.

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As a game and modern visual media researcher i abhor and condemn the blatant violence, adulation of crime and sordid action in this continued series, this latest one may be impressive visually but it is a very sad example of the exporting and celebrating of the worst of modern American culture or lack of it. I am very sorry to see such effort and promotion to into such a bad influence on players of all ages. I hope someday we can get some real standards set for such so called entertainment. and Moderators please realize that my post may in fact be offensive to some who like this sort of game but my point of view is valid and worthy of being shared and I will be very disappointed if you edit or remove it, for there is too little realization of the major bad influence such low quality games can have on youth.

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Waiting for the PC release on Steam

Me too!

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I hope someday we can get some real standards set for such so called entertainment.

I guess you don't believe in free speech?

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Advice to parents and the mentally ill:

Don't buy this game for children under 16 years old.

Don't buy this game if you a mentally ill child & have assorted guns and thousands upon thousands of rounds (bullets) in your house or personal ammo depot on your property.

Don't buy this game if you cannot have personal control of your attitude and emotions. If you do not have 45% or more self control in your life don't buy this game.

Don't give money to your child if you don't care what kind of video game your child is buying. If your that kind of parent it's time to reconsider your parenting skills.

Don't buy this game if your mad at the world and you want to see it burn

If you have disgruntled feelings towards anybody seek professional medical advice or talk to somebody about your feelings.

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" I guess you don't believe in free speech?"

Game = speech?

What if a new game is created, call it ... say ... Pillage and Pilfer, where the players go about doing what violent invaders from real history have done, such as Gengis Khan or any othe "conquerers". It would be educational, right, to go about molesting and violating.

This sort of game is a modernized version of such atrocities of human behavior.

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So, Japan has games violence to women, and the West has games violence to the underprivileged. Big whoop.


New Study: It's not Violent Videogames that Cause Aggression - It's Competition

"Demolishing the Competition: The Longitudinal Link Between Competitive Video Games, Competitive Gambling, and Aggression," a new study that will appear in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, found that aggressive behavior is tied to competition, not violence, in videogames and gambling, according to Forbes.

The study followed self-reports from 1,771 high school students over four years, which put the study in the real world rather than a laboratory setting, a weakness of most studies that attempt to link videogames to aggressive behavior. It found that there was moderate positive correlation between competitive video game play and aggression, and between competitive gambling and aggression.

The study also found that there was a "small and mostly negative" correlation between non-competivie video game play and aggression. Correlations between non-competitive gambling and aggression were small and positive.

For the purposes of the study, aggression was defined as hostile verbal and physical behavior.

But with this study, there is additional evidence that depictions of violence are not a cause of violence.

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Waiting for inevitable GOTY version with all the expansions and all that jazz.

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" Yes, but I didn't bother to read the report,"

Again, I recommend that you read through the report.

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You'd think people would have figured out that you could buy and download this online via psn.

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