'Grrr!' Rolling Stones release greatest hits


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How many more Strolling Bones "greatest hits" CDs do we need?? I have one I bought 20 or so years ago, and I don't think they've had any noteworthy "hits" since then to make me want to upgrade.

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man, are these guys gonna move around the stage on wheelchairs? i can imagine the overwhelming smell of ben gay on stage as they are performing.

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More like Rolling Bones!

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i have one of their greatest hits albums from 1994 LOL

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The back stury behind the title:


'ow you figga we c'n git anuva 50-60 quid off a' each a' our fans fo' va same songs we sung va last 50 years?


Wew, wets record TWO NEW SONGS for 'em an' include it required-like inna box set a' hundreds a' old songs.


Yora genius Keif! Grrrrr!

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I like the poster for this with the gorilla going "Grrrr!"

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praise for these guys, but again? another "greatest hits"? please! they have some really great hits, enough for 1 collection 1 time, not enough to try to re-sell again and again the same stuff so many times over the last years.

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I saw these guys play about 8 years ago. Terrible is all I can say. As for their hits--well you could have bought most of those in the 60's and 70's, why would I buy them one more time?

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This "greatest hits plus two new songs" business model is nothing new. The Stones stole it from the Beach Boys.

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High ticket prices?

Hey, those wheelchairs won't pay for themselves, people.

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Most "Greatest Hits" compilations include a song or two the band either felt SHOULD have been a hit, or was recorded on it's own and not enough new material exists to put out a whole new disc. Rarely will they ever acquire the moniker of a "greatest hit" for the band.

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