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Jimmy Page looks back at 50 years of Led Zeppelin


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One of the greatest bands of all time and a massive influence on the development of rock. If you have not heard much of their music check out the live album How the West Was Won. It was recorded in 1972 when they were at their peak - it is absolutely sublime.

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Good read here. As a young boy, guitarists like Jimmy Page, Hendrix & Tommy Iommi heavily influenced my approach to guitar. Heck, those bands collectively inspired a whole future generation of rock / metal generations.

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Was never a big fan - found them pretentious and they wrote unbelievably silly lyrics. However, Page is a superb guitarist. I love his acoustic playing in particular on Led Zeppelin 3. Tangerine is superb.

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I'm a Zeppelin fan but I wouldn't recommend their live albums. Plant clearly sounds better in the studio. For me, the gold standard for hard rock singers who killed it live are Dio and Bon (RIP).



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I once met Robert Plant in Dingwalls in London. This was around 1974. I went to the bar to buy drinks for the group of people I was with and he was standing next to me. Thinking he looked familiar, but unable to place where I knew him from I did what we all do in such situations - I asked a vague question. The following conversation ensued:

Me: How are you getting on? How's the job?

Robert Plant: Not bad, just the same old thing. How are you?

Me: Not so bad. (Drinks arrive.) Well. take care of yourself.

Robert Plant: You, too, mate.

I went back to my group of friends. They were really excited. My god, you spoke to Robert Plant! I felt really stupid. I suppose for him being an international rock star was 'just the same old thing'. I must say he was very nice, given what a prat I was.

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Led Zep's 1973 concert at Madison Square Garden was pure magic.

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains/The Rain Song - July 1973


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Heart’s rendition of Stairway to Heaven has Jimmy and Robert looking on endearlingly


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I still have my original vinyl records bought back in the 70s. The greatest band of all time. I still listen to them on my recorder player. Nothing beats the sound of an original LP.

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Had many great experiences listening to Led Zeppelin through the years. As Jimmy has aged, he looks almost half Japanese in this photograph.

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LZ has made their mark but Robert Plant has never stood still. I grew up with his solo career more than I have with the Zep and he's travelled light-years beyond. He has on occasion worked with Page, and their UN-Ledded CD is really good.

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