Guns N' Roses sues online gun shop for appropriating name


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The band will lose. Apple Computer and Apple Records set the standards.

Also Apple again abused the iOS trademaked name from Cisco's IOS operating system, but because the two companies were friendly, they didn't sue. Cisco's IOS had been around over a decade before Apple started using it, perhaps 2 decades longer.

Nobody will confuse "Guns 'N Roses" with "Texas Guns and Roses". They certainly didn't need to ask the band for permission either.

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Axel’s necklace is unfortunately blocking the slogan on his T-shirt. I wonder what it says and if it is a message to the gun industry.

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Used to listen to them while stoned in college. One reason why I left the States - "Welcome to the Jungle."

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The two Use Your Illusion albums were amazing.

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Well done Axel, make them pay..

Good old Texas, lol..

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Ok, make it guns and carnations, tulips, violets, lilies, etc.

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Never liked the guy or the band. Whatever….

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I truly hope the band wins. Alot of those gun companies try everything to look mainstream.

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Guess the store could start selling roses along with firearms and they'd be ok.

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Guns and Roses got their name being their members were formally in LA Guns and a band with 'Roses' in the name. There have been similar lawsuits over band names. A few years ago a DJ had a rename or pull a dance mix CD he produced. It was called 'U2'. Band names are usually copywrited, to some degree. I also remember a rock-polishing toy for hobbyists that had the brand name 'Rolling Stones'. That didn't last long either.

G'n'R has a solid case here and they should win this.

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Fun fact: Duff beer in the Simpson's is named after Duff McKagan. The writers were big fans as was I. Still am.

I cannot hazard a guess as to the outcome but I will quibble with the idea that a small online gun shop can do an Apple and get away with it.

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G'n'R has a solid case here and they should win this.

Not at all. Talk to any lawyer. I did.

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I’m guessing they are suing for a trademark violation, but I’m not sure if they will win. The big problem for them is that the gun retailer is in a completely different trade (gun sales) from theirs (being a rock band) and I doubt anyone would think the two are related.

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If those 'other items' include roses, which is reasonable for a florist

It doesn't matter if they sell roses or anything along those lines. One is a gunshop, the other is a band. There is no confusion for any reasonable person what is what.

The band will lose, and I hope the gunshop counter sues for defamation. And I say that as somebody who likes the band.

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The two Use Your Illusion albums were amazing.

yeh, I saw them at Tokyo Dome on their world tour.

At this time, They were arguably the biggest band in the world

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Go get them Axl!

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However, Texas Guns and Roses dosen't seem to sell roses, or flowers of any kind

This is false. They sell a small bundle of Roses.

The band's name is "Guns 'N Roses"

The store and is "Texas Guns and Roses". They are in completely different businesses, so there won't be any confusion. The band likely has more money, so rather than fight and win in court, the store will end up settling. The name won't be changed, but if they sell t-shirts or stickers or other labled items, they will need to be clear it isn't part of the band. The band is using Trump legal tactics here. More money means they can draw out the court case for years, making the shop have to settle or close since $300/hr legal help isn't gonna be possible for the little store. Legal bullying.

BTW, the band forced a settlement with a beer brewery a few years ago using similar tactics. They didn't win the case in court, they just ran up the legal bills until the micro brewery had no other choice, but to settle to stay in business at all. It isn't like the band doesn't drink beer. It was purely about legal bullying.

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