Guns N' Roses tour to extend into 2017, says manager


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Oh, a band called Guns n' Roses. They made the biggest selling debut album of all time in the US, a couple of number one and two albums after that, and have sold maybe a hundred million albums worldwide and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

That you haven't heard of them shows ignorance and a lack of knowledge on your part, rather than a lack of popularity and success on theirs.

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Isn't Ahole Rose unfortunately singing for ACDC now?

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Any plans for them to come to Jaoan?

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One of the best Rock bands of all time. We need some real music rock music in Japan. The teenybopper music here gets to me sometimes.

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The teenybopper music here gets to me sometimes.

It's to the curb. Gets to me too. The G&R reunion has been a real treat to fans worldwide. Question is, can we expect any new material from them? Something with an early vibe like we heard on Lies CD & Appetite for Destruction CD.

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Jeff Huffman: Who?

No no no, that was the band with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. Guns n' Roses is the one with Axl and Slash.

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Why is this news? Or news in Japan Today?

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Why is this news? Or news in Japan Today

It under the appropriate category, "Entertainment." So yeah, it's entertainment news. Just like when Prince & Bowie passed away earlier this year. That was news too.

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The teenybopper music here gets to me sometimes.

Only sometimes? It's terrible, which is why people who really care about music (like me!) just try to ignore it. I'm really, really thankful for our passionate local club scene and the many foreign acts that come to perform here too.

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@Chaos. Speaking of shows, can't wait till late Sept. @San Bernardino, CA. Slipknotfest / Ozzfest. It's gona be off the chain!

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@Wc626 I'm SO envious! I'd totally go if I could. 3/4 of the Big Four are gonna be there, and a lot of my faves too.

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Let's hope there are no hissy diva-like fits from Axel this time around.

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GnR were great back in the day, with the original lineup, but I don't really see how people can get excited about seeing them nowadays, Axel's voice has been rubbish for ages and they haven't really made a decent album since Use Your Illusion. Just like so many other rock bands from the nineties who are still going, they don't know when to quit. I for one have ignored them since the early nineties, though I do own Appetite and GnR Lies, both great releases.

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