Gwyneth Paltrow insists Utah ski collision wasn't her fault


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As with cars, if you crash into somebody from behind you’re at fault.

He crashed into her from behind. She did nothing wrong.

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He crashed into her from behind. She did nothing wrong.

According to her. He said she crashed into him. That's what the suits/countersuits are all about.

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With limited info - the crux of it all for me is, Sanderson's daughter said it's all on GoPro and then the GoPro footage has not been shown.

Perhaps it showed a slightly different version to the one they are proposing.

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Sanderson's daughter wasn't at the scene of the crash.

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Without video it's hard to say who skied into who. Regardless, that she acknowledged she yelled at Sanderson, didn't ask if he was okay, and didn't offer to get help tells me a lot about Paltrow. From what I read Sanderson was prone on the snow and didn't move for some time.

Paltrow testified that the crash shocked her — and said that she worried at first that she was being"violated." “There was a body pressing against me and a very strange grunting noise,” she said.

That she would say that she felt 'violated' with a body pressing against me and grunting noises' about a ski accident involving a 76yrs old man, sounds like she's one of those quick to resort to false implications of a sexual nature.

Sounds like a typical untouchable, arrogant. and spoiled Hollywood elite.

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I met the woman once when she came to our studio back in 1996 somewhere around that time and she was just so prissy and stuck up, never liked the woman, another weird and entitled woman, but if you had watched that court spectacle the other night, I am now not so sure if it is entirely all Paltrow's fault. I'm starting to think that these people are trying to milk this woman, I could be wrong and I feel for the man that was injured, but still, a lot doesn't add up, needless to say, the only sane person in that courtroom so far seems to be the judge.

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If he had broken ribs, where's the ski patrol report from the day? It isn't like he got off the mountain by himself. If there isn't one, then he's lying.

The man is trying to grab as much money as possible. That is also clear. His lawyers took the case for publicity.

Remember that actors are professional liars, so we need to go by the evidence, not their testimony.

BTW, after a fall, it isn't uncommon to lay on the snow for a few minutes to catch your breath - especially for an older man.

No that it matters, but I've skied Deer Valley a few times. It is possible to mix in with regular people easily on the slopes and if you have a ski-in/ski-out cabin, then you can really limit any interaction. Nice place. We had fun. I haven't been skiing in a while - before people had smartphones with cameras. We'd carry walkie talkies for mountain communications.

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On the news, Paltrow was stating in the witness stand at court how the guy came up from behind her, put his skis between her own skis, spread her legs apart and began to moan. It sounded like Harvey Weinstein was the man involved.

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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Testifies in Ski Crash Trial - FULL Testimony


What possessed Gwyneth Paltrow council to allow or suggest she testify under direct/cross-examination is remarkable.

The reported, "well, we lost half a day of skiing" remark is eyewatering, cold and detached.

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