Gwyneth Paltrow tackles bedroom taboos in new series


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Many celebrities apparently were never taught by their parents how to shut up.

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I think largely women have been inculcated with this idea…

Gosh, it’s a wonder women can do anything at all with all of the “prescribing” she goes on about. What century is she living in?

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This ridiculous woman sells candles that (allegedly) smell like her vagina. I do not even dare to imagine what she must be doing with them, but I am quite certain there is a market for her candles in vending machines in Japan.

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Netflix is still giving this dangerous loon money? Glad I'm not giving them any.

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A celebrity capitalizing on the insecurities of women. Packaged in trendy lingo.....yawn, nothing new.

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“Female pleasure is still considered a taboo and I think that if you look back throughout history and you understand how controlling women’s pleasure or lack thereof or, you know... separating pleasure from morality, it’s a way to make women not feel fully themselves,” 

first world problems

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.....what the hell did I just read????

What a load of BS LOL!!

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It’s better than cleaning floors…

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Paltrow said. The topic of sex is such a great way to kind of really take a bulldozer to try and bust through all of this because it’s something that we all do, and it’s something that really connects us to ourselves.” IN OTHER WORDS SEX SELLS and having this platform makes her relevant again!

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What an interesting article! Fascinating journalism!

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Paltrow is about 30 years too late. She’s living in the past. Clearly, she has made this “field” her schtick. A washed up actress desperate to stay “relevant”.

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In the present day, Paltrow’s “goop” brand beauty products may be working for her? Her new feline-like eyelids really seem to disguise her true age. Coincidentally, her new husband, Brad Falchuk, was executive producer of FX Network’s Nip/Tuck.

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Gwyneth, People magazine’s 2013 “Most Beautiful Woman”, did a Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton “shred” when she did IronMan 3, believably amping up the Pepper Potts characters fight scenes. Maybe worth a re-watch as its now being touted as a “Christmas” movie.

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