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Hackers vs 007: 'SPECTRE' script stolen in Sony attack


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When it rains it pours .... So did one of the recently-laid-off IT people just turn off all the firewalls on his way out?

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turbotsat, When Bain and Co were hired as consultants to help make Sony Pictures more profitable, there was significant cost cutting to the IT dept.

So in a way, yes, some things were turned off and yes, it's certainly pouring rain for them, isn't it? Odd coincidence California is also experiencing heavy rains floods right now, isn't it as well?

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ArtistAtLarge: yes, it's certainly pouring rain for them

I wonder if any studio will make another movie joking about DPRK, ever.

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Although negative at least it's showcasing Sony Entertainments. Might as well make it into a positive and let hackers keep on spreading news on company.

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I agree with Coconut. Some of the stuff is very bad (such as all the personal information leaked) but as for some of the emails... well... 2 weeks ago it was all Star Wars this Star Wars that, Jurassic World this, Marvel that, but now all everyone is talking about and will be talking about for a while is Sony. I'm pretty sure everyone will flock to the theaters to see how a James Bond movie costs over $300mill and lets not forget how Spiderman is suddenly back on front pages and how awesome a 21Street x MiB movie would be.

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Scripts? Stolen or some actor(s0 sols their copies ?

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