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Hamasaki discreetly returns to Japan


Singer Ayumi Hamasaki, 32, who was conspicuously absent from the 25th anniversary special of TV Asahi's “Music Station” last Friday night, discreetly returned to Japan from Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Hamasaki disembarked from the plane wearing dark shades and a large surgical mask over her face. According to a spokesperson for Hamasaki, a calendar shoot that the singer was scheduled to appear in was delayed in LA, and she apparently contracted laryngitis shortly after that, forcing her agent to reschedule her return flight and cancel her appearance on the special.

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Oh come on, we all know that she was pissed off because she was not going to be the final performer on the show. AKB48 was given the final spot, and Ayumi was so angry, she boycotted the show!

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Oh come on, we all know that she was pissed off because she was not going to be the final performer on the show. AKB48 was given the final spot, and Ayumi was so angry, she boycotted the show!

LOL. See ...that's what women's AGE has to do in Japan. Even if you are Ayumi Hamasaki.....

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"Hamasaki disembarked from the plane wearing shades and a large surgical mask"

Those masks are pretty much out of vogue these days. Were the shades big enough to cover her big beautiful eyes?

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Or maybe she was spending a long weekend with her husband? Or has he moved to Japan?

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Apparently not that discreetly if it is JT's top entertainment news story!

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To clear things up, this was translated from a tabloid which blew details out of proportion and left out certain information as well.

Ayu was in New York for a 2012 calendar shoot with Leslie Kee. The shoot went over by a day and she was stranded in New York for a while due to a botched flight plan. (Her manager or whatever booked the wrong flight time or something.)

Because Fashion Week was wrapping up, there was no room left on flights to Japan for her [and her staff as well] to board.

She found a flight to LA to try and get home but unfortunately, she was not able to find a flight back there to Japan in time for MS. Basically, she was stuck in America with no way of getting home. I'm surprised they didn't find a private jet for her/her staff but eh. Ayu tried her best to get back home... she even fainted from exhaustion from not eating or sleeping during this entire ordeal. Also, her husband lives in LA atm as a working model.

I doubt AKB had any influence over her being completely helpless during this situation. Though in my opinion, I'd be offended if anyone thought any decision I made was because of AKB. That group is such a joke.

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Thanks for the facts. I'm always amazed at how much negative speculation there is.

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big yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn

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I heard she went to Los Angeles to get talent injections....

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Good one

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Plastic surgery?

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That's too bad Ayumi. I prefer you to AKB48, as a lesser evil.

KARA owns now. Why do Japanese men like little girls anyway?

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Who cares about stuff like this... discretely or outwardly returned. It don't matter much, does it?

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dontlookback - What is your more reliable source for the "real" story about what happened to her?

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Probably got a nose job.

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As someone posted on a similar article, "Mountain, meet molehill."

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Wow, Don'tlookback, are we an "Ayu" super fan or what. Got all the posters on your wall do you? Why are you such an apologist for her. And I agree with soldave, what is your source?

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What is the big deal?? I like Ayumi, very small chest but this is Japan, and her singing aint that bad either.

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If it was discreet JT nor us would have known anything about it, you can hardly call this retrun to japan discreet, announced on a news site - discreet ? yeah right

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Discreetly, in this case, means no orchestra, no government at the airport, no flowers, just dashing through mass media...

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I never got it.She was so totally plastic,even in her heyday.Boring,then and now.

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Probably got a nose job.

Probably, she already did years ago, amongst changing other things in her face. Too bad, she couldn't change that whiny voice. I thought she wasn't coming back. Darn it!!!!

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Who cares? Either she avoided the engagements because she was upset or she was having surgery done or something. Either way, she's washed out and should wrap it up. And if she's upset because AKB48 got the top billing, she should grow up to boot -- even while not at all the greatest musician, she is above and beyond the 100 or so little girls who have to dress in lingerie to get their fan base; at least Hamasaki writes a lot of her own stuff and performs more or less on her own.

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It's out there on her Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/ayu_19980408 ), Chinese weibo, and fan club blog. If you are unable to read her Japanese tweets, you can find them translated if you know where to look. I'm sorry if you guys don't believe me, but I'd just like to bring the truth to the forefront instead of having people go around misinformed about what she's done and what she hasn't done.

And she has addressed that surgery-thing recently with "I don't have the time for it." which makes sense since she's had no time at all to get as much surgery as people claim that she's had. There's nothing she can do to change people's opinions about her so there's no point in defending herself. It's kind of sad, but people are gonna think what they think.

Yes, she fixed her teeth in Hawaii like 5-6 years ago, but that's about it.

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Oh, and about her reasoning for going to Los Angeles, like I said previously...she was previously in New York for a PHOTOSHOOT but the photoshoot went over by a day so the schedule was ruined. (She also met up with tons of fans that live in New York and signed autographs/took photos!) Her manager also completely botched their flight plans so there was no way for them to get home due to a lack of flights.

She decided to try to go home to LA (where her husband, Manuel Schwartz is) to stay with family and find a flight to Japan... however she was not able to get home in time for MUSIC STATION. :(

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well, she was berated by her agency for not returning regardless. In Japan, there is no room for reason. People go mountain climbing in thunderstorms because it was scheduled, kids play under sweltering heat because it was scheduled, school having sports day when its is almost unbearable to be just outside...and yes people died countless times but in the end the schedule must be followed. Japan is a country where the show must go on regardless.

I don't get it either.

Maybe the Japanese can explain their lunacy.

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