Hanks braves the fires of critical censure in 'Inferno'


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Whoa whoa whoa....hold on there. "The Burbs" is actually one of his best films and is a cult classic. It borders on sacrilege to name it in comparison to the lame Da Vinci Code stuff. AFP writer, you need to sit down with that Joe Dante classic and realize the error of your ways.

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Yeah. I came here also to say that “The ‘Burbs” might not have made money in the theater it is an ultra cult classic and amazing film. The Da Vinci trilogy... He must just be doing Ron Howard (long time friend) a favor or something and/or the paycheck all play a part. I was indeed surprised to hear he was doing a 3rd one.

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The burbs was a unique, quirky movie.

Its also a fact that the davinci series is widely seen as blasphemous by the vatican (they actually sent out a press release and tried to get the books and films pulled). Biased religious people have clearly influenced those low reviews. The films are fine and are making him a fortune.

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Agree with Rainyday...The Burbs is a classic; my favorite Tom Hanks movie.

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"$758.2 million worldwide" and you expect him to listen to the critics?

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I'd put myself through the entire “The Da Vinci Code” when it came out, so I knew well enough to watch it on TV last night only for giggles at the horrendous acting and atrocious plot and only 2/3. No idea how Hanks got himself involved in such a tragedy.

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DVC and A+D were pretty fun to watch and I can't wait to watch Inferno. Some movies are meant to be brain teasers, some movies are meant to be an enjoyable way to spend two hours.

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Bonfire Of The Vanities is quite a wild film. Vonnegut, no? But you missed A Hologram For The King. In a theater, there were vistas and sequences that made you feel you left this world far behind. A film to be seen in theaters, not on your desktop.

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Rotten Tomatoes - name says it all.

Take critics criticism as one opinion.

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Bonfire Of The Vanities was based on a novel by Tom Wolfe.

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“Big,” “Apollo 13,” and all three parts of the “Toy Story” were embarrassments. He's never been able to convince me he's anyone other than Tom Hanks (real name?) when he's onscreen - except maybe the uncredited cameo in Tropic Thunder. Watch him be completely out-acted by Mark Rylance in "Bridge of Spies". An entertainer, not an actor - as is the case w/ 95% of his Hollywood compatriot. Bankable, not watchable.

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How can you diss The Burbs? It's a classic!

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Critics' opinions matter not. If you like the film, that's all that matters.

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Apollo 13 was great. Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan and Philadelphia are all incredible performances by Tom Hanks. And of course, Big in 1988 was such a fun, heart warming film. Its hard to find any fault withis filmography.

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I like Hanks. A lot.

But "Inferno" was a huge letdown in the trilogy. Very uninspiring and formulaic, I got bored by the midway point.

This movie is also flopping in the U.S. But at least international markets have helped it somewhat, and yet to open in China and Japan.

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The subject matter of the film is based on a false out of date premise-it's no wonder it is flopping.......

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