Harrison Ford broke leg, not ankle, on 'Star Wars' set


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Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker

Good to see these guys get their old parts too. I wonder how C3PO sounds now.

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A trip to the bacta tank will make him as good as new.

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What about good old Billy Dee???

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Isn't that what actors are supposed to do? "Break a leg?"

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I wonder how C3PO sounds now.

Well he can come out of the closet now that gay marriage is legal.

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or they could use data from star trek if c3po needed a replacement voice. i always thought those two sounded alike.

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Ford has never really been away from the movies. I'm more curious about Hamill and Fisher. Their careers pretty much took a full stop after RotJ. Hamill had a serious traffic accident and Fisher fell for alcohol and drugs, which is a shame. She looked great in the late 70s and 80s and would have done well as an actress in many more movies.

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He took the injunction to "break a leg" seriously

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CGB Spender, Hamill's car accident happened just before making Empire. The fight with the snow creature on Hoth was included to account for his scars on his face from his car accident. He had plastic reconstructive surgery, where they removed cartiledge from his ear to rebuild his nose.

And Hamill has had a lot voice acting work as well.

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I will miss Yoda

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Old man breaks leg! News?

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Gives new meaning to the phrase "break a leg".

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Good to see these guys get their old parts too. I wonder how C3PO sounds now.

He did the voice of C3P0 in the recent "The Lego Movie". He sounded the same as always.

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I guess he will soon be facing off against Darth Ritis.

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@Carlos alright, didn't know that! In any case he wasn't seen much in movies anymore after RotJ.

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