Hawaii to stage 'Kokua For Japan' event to raise money for quake relief


World-renowned entertainer Willie Nelson will perform at “Kokua For Japan,” a Hawaii-based radio, television and Internet fund-raising event for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The event, staged by Clear Channel Radio Hawaii and Oceanic Time Warner Cable, will take place at the Great Lawn at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa on April 10 from noon to 5 p.m. All proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross for the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief efforts.

Nelson will join previously announced entertainers, including Henry Kapono with special guests Michael McDonald and Mick Fleetwood; Loretta Ables Sayre; The Brothers Cazimero; Cecilio & Kapono; Kalapana; Cecilio & Kompany; Amy Hanaialii; Na Leo; John Cruz; Natural Vibrations; ManoaDNA; Robi Kahakalau; Mailani; Taimane; Go Jimmy Go; Jerry Santos; Gregg Hammer Band; and Kenny Endo Taiko. On-air personalities from Clear Channel Radio and local broadcast and cable TV stations will host the program.

All proceeds to benefit the American Red Cross for the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief efforts. In addition, all entertainers, on-air personalities, and event producers are donating their time for the program.

Clear Channel Radio Hawaii, OC 16 and KITV 4 will stream the event live on the web.

For more information, visit www.kokuaforjapan.com.

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Hawaii is close to Japan's soul in cultural perspectives. Honolulu is a peaceful and hospitality place hosting the international fundraising event for Japan. From the lawn of Hilton hotel, guests and residents can have good time with performers as well as contribute financially supports to Japan. Honolulu is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to discover Hawaii on vacation, business trip, studies and living.

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Everyone keeps raising money which is good, but the Japanese Red Cross Society has still not figured out how to spread it around. Each day they seem to get together over coffee and doughnuts and haggle. Transparancy is needed here.

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When over a night, one organization receives millions of dollars in cash, the board directors may not be able to handle such liquidity effective and properly. They are trained to do some social activities, not business plans and other profit-oriented projects. Maybe, donors and people have more efficiency and effectiveness to deliver money and goods to people in Tohoku. It is not a simple task of division of the total money over the evacuees or survivors after abstraction of the administrative fee.

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they need the tourists to come back

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The Hawaiian chain of islands is one of the most isolated group in the world. A tropical paradise of turquoise bays, white sandy beaches, waving palm trees. lush vegetation and balmy sunshine all year around, this beautiful archipelago of volcanic peaks has 21 of the world's 22 climatic zones. Hawaii is full of contrasts and extremes, winter snow lies at the top of Mauna Kea Mountain, it has the world's largest mountain mass, and rainfall that varies hundreds of inches within the space of a few miles. There are 132 islands, but tourism is restricted to six of the eight most southerly islands, seven of which are inhabited. There are over a million people of mixed races living in the Hawaiian archipelago and the official language are Hawaiian and English although a large number of bilingual speaking people reside. It is home to more than 10,000 plants and animal species found nowhere else on earth including 5,000 types of hibiscus. Large-scale fundraising events, along with countless donations by individuals, have been showing some results, with relief organizations having collected more than 87 million thus far according to the "Chronicle of Philanthropy" and the success of these fundraising success is due to the techincal innovation. I am very grateful for all the people and organizations that have donated so generously that will make the relief programs possible. Again, Mahalo nui loa and Aloha.

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Hilton Hotel in Waikiki beach is an nice venue for tourists and local residents to stay while they enjoy the beauty of nature. Fundraising events can attract guests. Tourist industry will resume its peak here soon or later. Honolulu is an ideal place for live and working.

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novenachama - You work for the Hawaii Tourism Authority?

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Okapake--yeah, what's up with these Hawaii tourism boosters having nothing to say about the music being organized for this concert? I can't claim to know all the musicians on the list, but at least I know the father and sons group ManoaDNA does a creditable cover of Begin's "Nada Sou Sou."

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