HBO website and comedian John Oliver censored in China


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This is a test of the repression some on this site think Japan should embrace in their alignment with China.


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John Oliver's last Week Tonight is top-notch reportage, I recommend it to everyone. He covers some important issues both domestic and international.

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I saw this coming the minute Oliver started talking about China.

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Trump must be envious of Xi’s ability to censor at the wave of a hand. Trump has to spend exhaustive hours trying to delegitimize news that he doesn’t like.

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Trump has to spend exhaustive hours trying to delegitimize news that he doesn’t like.

Nope, that's liberal sjws you refer to.

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Stunning retort. What might a sjws be?

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John Oliver is quick-witted, intelligent, morally sound, very funny, multi-award-winning, and wonderfully foul-mouthed comedian/reporter. He really does fight for social justice, and speaks out against social injustice. His own country is now, by the way, the USA, where he is very much a success.

Let's hope, Civitas, that you are railing against social justice while in your own country, lest you too be labelled a failure.

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I remember John Oliver in 2016 making fun of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy.

Tee hee, John!

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"Liberal sjws" are social justice warriors.

In 2018 to say what is right and good is to get hated upon and censored. Everything has changed.

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