Henry Winkler enjoying a run of very cool coincidences


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There are some people who are hard not to like. Just remembering him in Happy Days makes me happy.

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Winkler's book is about dyslexia. His undetected dyslexia made him struggle in read-throughs on Happy Days. He would make mistakes all the time, then would make up jokes about it as an excuse. At least now kids know it's an issue of wiring in the brain.

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"To leave the world a little better....that is to have succeeded". - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Fonz brought smiles to many people's faces.

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Heyyyyy! Gotta love ‘The Fonz!’

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"Even at 73, I can tap into the pain of the 8-, 9-, 10-year-old in me that never achieved. I was told that I would never achieve. I failed at everything except for going home. I was really good when the bell rung," Winkler said.

Proved those naysayers wrong and then some, didn't you? Hard to believe The Fonz is 73 but he has come a long way.

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I’m dyslexic and can fully relate. Couldn’t, cant remember the simplest things. I’ve struggled for years reading simple thing; I read words that aren’t there. Until I realized I was dyslexic I couldn’t understand MY problems. Later it all became clear. I’m OK with it now.

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albaleoToday 07:11 am JSTThere are some people who are hard not to like. Just remembering him in Happy Days makes me happy.

Ayyyyyyyyyyy! Mr. Cool - Arthur Fonzarelli gave us Happy Days when I was a kid and now he keeps on doing it, as a champion to fight dyslexia. The Fonz is a hero in more ways than one. I remember seeing the pics of his wedding on People magazine. I was 11.

Henry 'Fonz' Winkler, you are an icon and will always be a shining star and a hero for us! Shalom, chauverim.

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I met Henry in person while he was waiting for his son to get his first drivers’ license. He was so personable. I complimented him on a wacky role he had performed as a dad in a RomCom - and his joy was genuine.

May the books continue to help kids. I hope to see him on the big and little screen for many more years to come.

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