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Here Comes the AI: Fans rejoice in 'new' Beatles music

By Issam AHMED

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Sorry. Can't place the name or the faces. Who?

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I can hear a resemblence but doesn't really sound like The Beatles to me.

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KaowaiinekochanknawJune 6  04:41 pm JST

I can hear a resemblence but doesn't really sound like The Beatles to me.

This is a bit creepy and disgusting. There's been so many bastardizations of Elvis, I even remember one back in 1981 where his vocal track was added with instrumental tracks to 'patch up' a 'new' Elvis song. And others came too, even w/ modern synths and drum machines! Problem is, Elvis was/is dead when that crap came out but his cult devotees bought it up anyway.

The Beatles Anthology was a little different. Yoko gave Paul some analog tapes labeled 'For Paul' to patch together those 2 'new' Beatles songs so with Yoko's blessings and the Threetles together on it, it was real.

Freddie Mercury gave vocal tapes to his bandmates knowing his time was up. The surviving Queensters added their studio input and in late 1995 Queen's last album 'Made In Heaven' was released.

But these 'duet' albums are trash (yes, Natalie Cole. I'm talking to YOU.) SNL made a comedy skit based on that ugly trend but it continued on anyway and people bought that garbage regardless. And it's all rubbish. All of it.

And now this. God help us.

You want to preserve and bring out the best of famous artists' work? Japanese engineers recently have remade/remodeled/remastered several great CDs with their new CD-2 (or something like that) technology. With earplugs I can hear everything - background voices, scat singing, snarls, 'hidden' acoustic guitars, etc. even on CDs that originally were released as 'full digital' (ie. recorded on digital tape + mixed digitally)! Better than ever!

I have quite a number of those CDs by the Rolling Stones, ELO, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and others. That's good enough for me.

Don't go douching up other artists' work with computerized AI! Quit screwing with other people's legacy.

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Awful. Did anyone ask McCartney if he is alright with this?

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