Hermione should have married Harry Potter, Rowling admits


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Perhaps a love triangle sub plot in a later book?

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Those books are badly written. They don't deserve the sacrosanct status they have. If you want fantasy novels that children and adults can read without their eyes bleeding, go for the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials series instead.

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I didn't find the series interesting at all, maybe a love triangle would help

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I rarely wade in to these inane exchanges, but I will go on record as saying that I did read each and every Harry Potter books with great enjoyment and appreciation. They are filled with delightful little intricacies which become relevant to further developments later on. They stood up at least as well on re-reading as did the Wizard of Oz books I devoured as a youngster.

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I agree with Robert - I found them to be as good to read as an adult, as I would have done as a a child or teen. Pullman's trilogy is brilliant indeed, but it did not do what Rowling's series has done, which is to open the door to giving children's literature and authors a bigger foothold and a lot more (well-deserved and long-overdue) respect and attention.

As for adult snobbery towards children's literature? You don't like it, don't read it. It's not for you - it's for the Yoof, and they love these stories!

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Ah, I see I'm not alone in believing Ron and Hermione would make a bad couple. Harry and Hermione do strike me as being more compatible. After reading the final book, it seemed to me that Hermione was wearing the trousers in that relationship, which amused me somewhat. Still, they are timeless classics, quite possibly the best books I've ever read. Not that I've read many books so my opinion should be taken with quite a hefty pinch of salt.

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Read Harry Potter as an adult; did not find it to be "badly written." Will second plug for His Dark Materials, though. Is Rowling belatedly caving to fan pressure, or something? Leave Harry and Ginny be, they work well together.
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I always envisaged some kind of menage a trois....

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I didn't want to get into these books as they were "children's fantasy." I figured that they wouldn't hold a candle to the LOTR trilogy. Once I picked them up, I couldn't put them down, especially after Order of the Phoenix.

As for Hermione and Ron, I can see how she would benefit from his stability and loyalty. Regardless, I think it kind of spoils it for Rowling to revisit and revise now. I think she should have let the work speak for itself and let the readers make their own decisions.

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Sounds like she is setting the stage for another HP novel. Get ready!

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I always found the relationship between Ron and Hermione as odd. But on the other hand I think that Harry is better off with Ginny (I do happen to have read a fanfic were Harry and Hermione end up together - it was exciting to read and heartbreaking, but i considered it more anguish for Harry). Hermione should have married someone who is the opposite of her, someone like with artistic sense, talent for showbiz or sports and more on the bohemian side, and Ron is just average (granted it could be a quidditch player, but he was just average), I cannot imagine Hermione as a mom in her late twenties but maybe that's just me.

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I've only read one of the books and saw half a movie, but it sounds to me that having the two main characters marry is a bit of a cliche and having the girl hook up with the underdog lead is a little more spicy. It's very unusual for an author to go out and denounce something they wrote themselves, perhaps this is the start of a trend to reboot book franchises? :p

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Poor Weasleby - always second best to the chosen one.

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