Hinano Yoshikawa attends event for Asia Engineer’s song about dog that had its day


Hip-hop group Asia Engineer held a show in Toyosu recently to promote the release of their new CD “Inu no uta – arigato” which features a song about MC Shuhei’s dog that passed away two years ago.

Model and actress Hinano Yoshikawa, 29, brought her dog to the event and spoke about appreciating their short lives. She said that she cried when she first heard the song, and couldn’t do her make-up. A reporter asked her about her love life, and Yoshikawa said: “There’s someone I like, but he doesn’t compare to my beautiful chihuahua Pahika.”

When Yoshikawa heard that Asia Engineer will contribute part of the proceeds from album sales to The Border Foundation – a non-profit organization which focuses on reducing the roughly 300,000 pets put down every year in Japan - she said: “I want to help out too. It’s unacceptable that people throw away their dogs.”

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That's one tiny photo...

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There's someone I like, but he doesn't compare to my beloved chihuahua Pahika. BUWAHAHA! OMG, I almost squirt coffee out of my nose when I read that! I don't know whether to feel sorry for the person or the dog. Ouch, I hope the person she likes has a healthy sense of self esteem, that's crushing.

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That said, I applaud her commitment to saving the lives of the helpless.

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Another "tarento" trying to resurrect a diminishing career, though it seems that her acting high spot was being one of LiveDoor Horie's many girlfriends.

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i love this story its sweet.^_^

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...It’s unacceptable that people throw away their dogs.”

why... what do you mean.. we eat everything! :-)

nothing goes to waste.

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Sad about the dogs...

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