Hip hop and R&B surpass rock as biggest U.S. music genre


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There's really been no progression in rock/heavy metal in decades. It's stagnant.

Nothing "new" I've listened to in the last 20 years sounds hardly any different from the previous 20 years and I've always been a hard rock fan.

Whether you're a fan of it or not, RB/hip hop has been much more dynamic.

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Speed - I think that's generally true.

I guess over the century most musical genres drift into an element of sameness - which is not necessarily a damning comment. Blues is Blues, Jazz is Jazz, Rock is Rock, Soul is Soul, Metal is Metal etc.

It took the anarchism of punk to shake up the progressive rock & music scene - only to become mainstream and marketable. Can you believe Sting (whom I like) was promoted as Punk???

Hip Hop & R/B have evolved widely and encompass many varying forms of "entertainment" if you like. The beats, the dance, the look, the rythmns, the lyrics etc all appeal to a wider audience. And this is all possible because of social media / internet, creating an explosion of organic growth, with the visual being acutely important. Iggy Azalea(and the concept of) could hardly have been imagined 10 years ago.

Not much in the musical world that I don't really like - all genres have greatness.

But I must say, in the world of rock (contemporary) I do enjoy the lashing guitars, bites and vocals of "The Dead Weather".

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Vocal trance has gotten pretty good. I would actually consider this the new rock.

YouTube these for the new rockish sound:

Feel alive - ATB

No Frontiers - Super8

Man on the run - Dash Berlin

Chase the night - fynn

Be your sound - cosmic


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I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the amazing music from the pre-Autotune era. Digging some 1930s Mills Brothers acapella vaudeville right now.

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I hope I'll be proved wrong but I don't see rock getting up off the canvas any time soon. Did anyone notice U2 put out a new album recently? I realize their expiration date is well passed but if their not causing ripples, there's little chance someone else will either.

Maybe, as some are alluding to, the problem is finding the music or the music finding us. Who knows.

Luckily, there's a treasure trove of older material still out there to discover. Like most, I trashed and ignored everything that came before I 'discovered' music but I have since sobered up and am enjoying the living hell out of decades of great works. "Alexa, play me some..."

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