Hippies young and old keep the 'real Woodstock' flame alive


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Please jt, vet your pics a bit better I am eating.

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What they don't get about Woodstock, was that it was meant to be this big commercial.

it WASN’T meant to be this big commercial.

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Looks like Papa Smurf has hit some rough times.

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Eww, "Rainbow Man's" picture needs some pixel obscuring.

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That "Rainbow Man" picture was totally Totally TOTALLY unnecessary!

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When I was in my teens, I always wanted to be a hippie. Until I started to meet them and clocked the hygiene standards.

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Until I started to meet them and clocked the hygiene standards.

What, all of them?

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Manbeartits needs a shirt!

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Well, all the power to these people, but Woodstock is dead. It was a place, and a time, and cannot be repeated. Something new, maybe better, may come this way with people opposing gun violence through love, or opposing terrorist regimes, etc. It won't be Woodstock, because Woodstock was a place, and a time. All attempts to relive it have been failures fo new generations for good reason.

Enjoy your memories, peeps, please. and have fun, but don't push this on others -- it end up being more sad than anything.

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Flakes then, flakes now.

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How do you unsee that?

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Living in the past..

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Nostalgia for a bygone era.  The mysticism that folks associate with Woodstock is a bot overdone.  It was a festival is all.  Spawned plenty of others, but look at what they have become.......

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What, all of them?

Let's say, a representative selection. And the old dudes either looked like the photo above, or skinny and urgently in need of dentistry. Was that my future? I asked myself.

Hippies aren't my idea of an enviable lifestyle. Too many people running away from something, bringing their problems with them. Too many hard drugs. Plus, hippie areas like Northern NSW in Australia are a hotbed of anti-vaxxers.

I prefer to keep my brain active, rather than zoned out. And my communicable diseases risk at a minimum.

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I LOVE this! Beautiful concept. Beautiful people. These comments tho? Why are you guys even here reading the article to bash the pics and their purpose?

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I remember it well... or did I see the film while on acid...

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shame on you guys for body shaming. Rainbow man is 67 years old and shed a hundred pounds recently. This picture was taken after he just got up and before he had his rainbow attire on.

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