Hiromi Go kicks off 56-date tour


Pop star Hiromi Go has begun a 56-date tour to celebrate his 56th birthday. Go kicked off the tour Sunday night at Sun City Hall in Koshiyaga.

Go gave an energetic performance in front of a crowd of around 1,700 fans, after which he spoke to the press about his wedding ceremony plans.

The current tour is Go's first since he married former celebrity Rina Tokunaga, 32, in March. His marriage to Tokunaga, now a makeup manufacturer, is his third.

Go told reporters he and his new wife are planning to hold a ceremony for family and friends after the tour has concluded. When asked about children, he replied, "We haven't started yet, but I love kids and I'd like as many as possible."

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Didn't he try a similar stunt last year with 55 concerts?

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Didn't he try a similar stunt last year with 55 concerts?

Oh, last year? No, that was the stunt where he underwent 55 facelifts at Takasu Clinic.

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I worked with him and he was quite congenial.

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