Hiromi Go kicks off nationwide tour


Singer and actor, Hiromi Go, 55, kicked off an all-Japan tour on Sunday in Saitama to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his singing debut. He performed about 20 of his hit singles from past and present, including his newest, “Eigao ni Kanpai.”

Go's six band members all wore suits to match the performers' own, and the current tour boasts more venues (57) than his tour last year, which commemorated his 55th birthday. “I am performing songs that have supported me all this time. I admit there were a few I had forgotten the words to,” Go said.

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He has a chance to travel nationwide tours. That is a great experience

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a-chi chi a chi

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So what's he going to sing? rip-offs of Ricky Martin and plastic surgery clinic ads? The guy is a good dancer from what I've seen, but really he's not all that talented as a singer. Why is it all these one-hit wonders decide to throw a tour for themselves on the anniversary when they started?

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Go Hiromi is hardly a "one hit wonder" plus he's still got quite a fan base who will gladly buy a ticket or two just to see him perform live. Me for one.

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smithinjapan, I gotta agree with you that the guy ain't no singer. Hell. if you pinched your nose shut and sang anything, you could sound just like him.

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