Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' tops British list of best films


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Funny how even on a Japanese site they're paying more attention to Vertigo topping the critics' list than they are to Tokyo Story being voted #1 by the directors (also replacing Citizen Kane)

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I am a bit tired of these endless 'best ever' lists that the media make up on an almost daily basis... next it will the be 'the best best ever list' listings...

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Of course all good movies are old movies (I think not!).

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like the list! Glad to see Tokyo Story get its recognition.

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Top 50 films of "The Poll":


Vertov's silent masterpiece "Man with a Movie Camera" which made the top 10 is the biggest surprise.

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I agree with the selection especially Vertigo, Tokyo Story and 8 1/2. TS is beautifully depressing.

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