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Hollywood's Walk of Fame, the biggest star of all

By Sebastien Vuagnat and Frankie Taggart

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Growing up in L.A. and having to take countless people to the walk of fame, it is not what it is cracked up to be. Walking along them in the daytime is fine but the sidewalks are not well maintained along with the buildings. You also get a lot of homeless people following you until you give them money. If you ignore them, they make you feel like you are heartless. Nighttime, forget it.

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I'd rather see the money involved in all this showbiz backslapping spent on the homeless. That said, Chaplin spent time as a child in the poorhouses in London. Was he much of a philanthropist, I wonder?

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DaDude is right. I lived in LA for years, but the first time I went to Hollywood I was really disappointed. The glory days of Hollywood are over. I was sad to discover that "The Brown Derby" is now a little strip mall. I did enjoy a premiere of "300" at the Chinese Theater though.

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This is a total scam. Google it. The stars are ordered by the stars or their studios two years in advance to coincide with a new movie or book or CD and the stars are paid for in advance at $30k per star. It is a PR scam. It is not an award or an honor. Google this info to see the truth. Paid for PR, people. Great marketing gimmick. Tax write off for studios, we the public pay for this scam via higher ticket prices. And even the celebrities go along with this charade in their "acceptance" speeches on video. This scam must stop.

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