Hollywood aims to reclaim crown as world film capital


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“Hollywood is still the entertainment capital of the world, because the ideas of consequence, decision makers of consequence are located here,” he said.

Then they should end their prolonged vacation, because most of what they make these days is crap.

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SIr Hollywood may be a capital for movies--however Japan , Korea, China-all now produce comparable movies of quality and ingenuity and of fascination, so now I think all 4 countries can be described as MOVIE CAPITALS ! thomas crane

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Entertainment is a business just like any other and the California politicians have done everything possible to make California not just business unfriendly But anti business in general. Tax credits are pointless, they should just reduce taxes and regulation on everyone. What's the point of a studio tax credit when all of the employees are having 25 to 60% of their earnings,taken by government. That studio has to pay that and it makes employees cheaper in other places simply because salaries are lower and cost of living lower. Plus rental of space, land, materials and all the rest a production needs to purchase is Also cheaper. California will never get it's entertainment industry back if the politicians Do not Do extreme reductions of government.

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So many films these days are international productions. Also why film a movie set in China, Japan, India, London in America? Seems a tad silly when the real locations are so much more impressive.

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