Hollywood classic 'Ben-Hur' gets modern remake


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Can't Hollywood make anything original anymore?

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Is this the homoerotic version?

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I have to wonder why they chose to remake this awesome movie. Remakes are great for movie that have become dated, like A Star is Born, or movies that weren't made well the first time around. But a studio has to be crazy to take on a timeless and hugely successful film like Ben Hur.

It will suffer by comparison, and who will watch it? It's a movie based around Christ's teachings. But Christians tend to be conservative, and this movie will almost certainly alienate them. And the Christian element will probably keep atheists away as well. So who is left to watch it? Opening week figures suggest very few.

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Skip it. Perfection cant be improved on - especially now.

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Looking forward to how Jesus of Nazareth is portrayed. "Cis-", "Trans-", "MGTOW"? I'm sure he won't be Jewish as that's a trigger for Palestinians.

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Yep, its gonna be. PC Ben Hur, thats for sure.

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Back then, it was William Wyler directing. One of the truly great directors, for many reasons. Now, do you even know the person directing this new film? And watch the silent Ramond Navarro chariot race. It's magnificent, and many of it's best parts are copied in the Wyler version. Well, maybe the concession cafe will serve pizza.

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No Way,Jose ! This was filmed when Hollywood had class as well as great Directors & Actors. I won't see it, a waste of time & an insult to Hollywood!

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It will be Star Wars (2000's version, mind you) battled over horses. In short, lots of bad dialogues, climates and CGs. I agree with you guys above - the original is timeless.

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