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Hollywood diversity: All talk, little change, says report


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Hollywood still exists ? I thought its name changed to Marvel ? For original shows with diversity, turn on your TV/Netflix. The night of, into the badlands, man in the high castle, all great shows with diverse casts.

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There was no change at all between 2007 and 2015 in the percentage of black, hispanic, Asian or other races/ethnicities in top films.

More specifically, the study says 12.2% of the actors were black, which essentially equals their percentage of the overall population. If we're going to play the numbers game, Asian and Hispanic actors are the ones who are underrepresented in front of the cameras.

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More specifically, the study says 12.2% of the actors were black black Americans account for about 15% of the population, so statistically speaking Hollywood is almost spot on. Why should blacks have more representation in American films than what they represent in the American population, asian and hispanics is another topic altogether

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I wonder what percentage of leading roles are black people.

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From what I have seen while being bombed by commercials using a VPN and accessing CBS or NBC, the commercials are usually black people talking American Accented Black Pronunciation and a lot of gay people. So perhaps they are being over represented on that end? Anyone else notice that?

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Hollywood doesnt want to represent diversity, especially of the Asian male kind because they are threat to the 'tribe' that run it and much of US media.

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