Hollywood in shock over Trump victory


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Some of my friends back in the States said via e-mail that they wish those celebrities who said they would move to Canada if Trump won would actually do as they vowed ... head toward the border and get out.

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Hollywood Celebrities In Shock because Hollywood celebrities don't really live in America.

They live in an insulated world where your friends are celebrities, your homes have high walls, you have trained yourself to ignore real people on the street because of what they may say or they're taking photos of you.

And America was shocked because we listened to The Daily Show, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Kimmel, Colbert and the like telling us over and over how stupid the Trump people were and let's laugh at these idiots...

...And that's the problem, we lived in our own worlds, watched the shows we agreed with and mocked middle America over and over, but never actually talking to middle America.

That's why were all shocked. Fox News, Jon Stewart, they don't actually inform us, just separate us.

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The only celebs Trump got were former child stars and disgraced morons, makes sense. It's good that Hollywood is anti-Trump to keep a fiercely critical and influential channel open. I suspect there will be a heavy focus on political films coming out over the next few years

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I was shocked too and DID NOT vote for Hillary. I voted for CHANGE, not Mr. Trump.

As NC said above, famous hollywood people have lost touch with average Americans. Name calling, isn't exactly constructive if you want to convince people your way of thinking is better. Calling voters stupid doesn't really work.

When President Obama won the first time, I accepted the wisdom of the nation. I cannot think of anything his administration did that was actually good for my family. We are paying almost 2.4 times more for health insurance now than before. That's real money, paid monthly. It is about the monthly cost of a car loan just for the increase.

We all live inside our little worlds. Why would anyone care what a famous actor has to say about politics? They certainly don't reflect my lifestyle or values. BTW, I don't really care what Fox News says either.

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They are a bunch of fakes. Its "cool" to be "progressive" and de rigeur for thise in the entertainment industry. whether these plastic fakes really even believe what they say is also in doubt. Its show biz.

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“We are not a nation that will let hate lead us,” she said.

Funny, as most of the hate I see manifested in violence and riots comes from the left, not the right. You want to stop the hate? Stop hating. Simple as that, really. It breaks the cycle.

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naturalclown123NOV. 11, 2016 - 04:16PM JST ...And that's the problem, we lived in our own worlds, watched the shows we agreed with and mocked middle America over and over, but never actually talking to middle America.

It's funny how there're are all these opinion pieces creeping out of the woodwork calling condemning liberals as arrogant for not paying attention to "real America", all of them blithely ignorant of the fact that middle America is no more "real" than New York, Hollywood, or any other part of America. I've watched representatives of middle America seethe for years at the notion that they're "flyover country", far more than I've actually ever heard anyone accuse middle America of being such. And all the voices wringing their hands about if liberals paid proper attention to middle America had curiously little to say when Republicans used words like "New York values" to pretend that all people from New York or other large urban areas are inherently bereft of morality.

If anything, I see the arrogance coming from middle America. The notion that you can ignore climate science, health care outcomes, educational results, the endless stream of shooting deaths that similar countries to the US don't share and the systematic discrimination that is part of the American system just because you don't want to see it - the fact is there's nothing more arrogant than that.

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"Rich Greenfield, a media analyst at BTIG Research, said in a blog post Trump might seek revenge on Hollywood, writing that there was "certainly an unquantifiable risk for the sector overall."" ... ... ... ... A drama queen doing what Hollywood does best. I can imagine the next big blockbuster: "Trumpzilla Destroys Tinseltown". A comedy.

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Ha ha ha ha! Move to Cuba or Venezuela, Socialists!

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the millionaires in entertainment - dont make me laugh. That industry is one of the most corrupt and self serving in existence .

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Hollywood in shock over Trump victory

They are scared! Thats it. Let's not forget President elect Trump was a huge reality star before he became the President, and all the celebrities that say they don't like him were probably some of his best friends. He's got the dirt on all of them and never forgets. Be careful who you play with.

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Democrats consider the U.S. to be only California's Bay Area, Hollywood and New York. They view the fly over states as a land of gun clingers and deplorables. Hence, the reason for the yuge election landslide for President-elect Trump.

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If all the good people who said they would leave actually left there'd be no more good people. Period. They need to swallow their pride and stay to make the situation bearable, because if they left, and the companies that loathe Trump left, and the industry, there would be nothing left to fight over, and nothing good to fight for.

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I'm a big fan of Steven Colbert and love watching him. I download the Late Show and watch them sometimes a week or so late. I watched a pre-election episode yesterday and it was painfully embarrassing to watch him gloat how terrible Trump is (was) performing and how he'll never be president.

Wait, no. It's pretty damn entertaining!!

I never supported either Trump or Hillary, but all I could see in Hillary supporters were self-righteous, better-than-thou types that were so absolutely certain Hillary would win. It was unattractive at best.

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Hillary Clinton’s celebrity supporters were in deep mourning Thursday as Hollywood came to terms with Republican Donald Trump’s stunning election as U.S. president.

What they need to come to terms with is that they don't have the power and influence that they believed they had. Even with all their support and money they still couldn't get their candidate elected. And until that happened they all believed that their legions of social media followers and fans so idolized them that they would blindly follow the celebs lead to vote for Hillary. And it was a cold dose of reality when that didn't happen.

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A bunch of big babies - whiners!

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The cult of celebrity arrogance has no bounds. Isn't this confirmation enough how feeble, irrelevant, and over inflated, opinions from these superficial bunch of conceited egos influence really stacks up?

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Hollywood celebrities: we're going to Canada or Australia but not Mexico.

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Which celebrities HAVEN'T backtracked on their promise to leave the country if Trump won?

Samuel Jackson's house is popping up on bus stop seat ads, 'For sale due to Trump win.' But that's a spoof by an artist.

Lena Dunham, Samuel Jackson, Amy Schumer all backtracked. 'It was a joke!'

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Texas A&M AggieNOV. 11, 2016 - 09:21PM JST Democrats consider the U.S. to be only California's Bay Area, Hollywood and New York. They view the fly over states as a land of gun clingers and deplorables.

A perfect example of what I was talking about, Texas. Not a single person here has said that. Not a single person quoted in the article said that. It exists entirely in your own imagination.

And that's the real problem. It's not that middle America isn't being listened to. It's that they're being listened to more than they deserve. There are far too many people in middle America who have a persecution complex - they're so terrified of being looked down on by people on the coasts that they invent imaginary persecution when it doesn't really exist. This is much like when American Christians complained about being persecuted when they weren't allowed to discriminate against gays. It's not that middle America is persecuted, it's that there's a vocal subset of middle America that completely loses it whenever they have to compete on a level playing field.

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smith, if they were actually "good" people they would have meant what said,follow their principles and leave. They are in fact hypocrites because they are not going to do what they boasted they would do. And you want them to stay. Just what the dems need right now.

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To which I say, your problem. The entertainment community donated millions of US dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign and made a lot of personal appearances on behalf of the campaign and got nothing for it. No wonder why we're getting angst-ridden postings on blogs and on social media (Facebook and Twitter primarily in the USA) from many celebrities so disappointed by the outcome. Particularly alarming was that long post on Lena Dunham's own weblog and MIley Cyrus' video response.

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The man won fair & square let's move on & stop this childish nonsense & TRY to act like adults. The People have Spoken!

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Every time Hillary received the endorsement or stood on the stage with of an empty-headed Hollywood millionaire it just reinforced the fact that she is an out-of-touch elitist. The traditional Democrats in the rust belt and in coal country were not impressed. The Left has sold out to Wall Street, Hollywood, political correctness, and George Sores globalists. The only question now is whether or not they will learn from this experience and reform or double down on ideology over people.

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Hollywood is a joke, let's not forget their respect or lack there of of in regards to women and minorities. Who cares about these pretentious, soulless and downright overpaid attention spores.

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If I was a US citizen I certainly wouldn't listen to celebs. I am an elderly white dude, I would never have voted for trump the guy is too repulsive is far too many ways, hillary, yeah sure she would be competent but she was utterly totally un-inspiring & yeah she has some pretty serious baggage.

The way I see it is hillary BLEW IT BIG TIME!! I admit I was rather astonished at how many voted for trump, that IS still depressing.

What hillary did was basically blow off Bernie & his supporters, only a bit of iffy lip service, HUGE MISTAKE hillary! I bet a large number of Bernie supporters stayed home that day & some even crossed the street to vote, a double whammy!!

And hillary was simply too full of herself, was embossing to witness at times

trump didn't win as much as hillary blew it!

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Awwww. The poor, delicate, wittle snowfwakes. They are suffering from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD).

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Hollywood clowns should just move to Canada....

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@kurisupisu and all others who think the Hollywood set should move to Canada - PLEASE, NO! We don't want them.

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katsu78: ... There are far too many people in middle America who have a persecution complex - they're so terrified of being looked down on by people on the coasts that they invent imaginary persecution when it doesn't really exist.


AP’s Pace: Clinton Campaign ‘Laughed’ at Bill For Caring About Rural Voters - 13 Nov 2016

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” the White House correspondent for the Associated Press Julie Pace said the campaign of Hillary Clinton “laughed at and ridiculed” former President Bill Clinton for wanting Hillary’s campaign to spend more time courting rural voters who are credited for being a large part of the decisive win for President-elect Trump. ... She continued, “After the Wisconsin primary when Bill Clinton wanted Hillary to spend more time there they laughed at him. They laughed at him and basically said he’s going after the voters that supported him instead of the ones that she will need.

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First they will have to work on their climbing skills!!


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I would like to contribute to the fund that will pay for Cher's rocket to outer space. Hey, she did say "I'm gonna have to leave the planet" if Trump wins.

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