Hollywood mogul Steve Bing dies after falling from 27th-floor apartment balcony


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Any loss of human life is sad no matter which way it goes.

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I read he was depressed by the isolation. I live with my kids and wife so it is actually a bit crowded but my brother in LA sounds pretty lonely. We catch up frequently but it may be a difficult time if you live alone.

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Fell or Jumped?

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So money could buy you anything, or could it not?

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Reports in TMZ and The Wrap said Bing had been suffering from depression and had died by suicide.

If he died by suicide, then he didn't fall - he jumped

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Fell or Jumped?

... or pushed.

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If he died by suicide, then he didn't fall - he jumped

It's not that hard- If he jumped, then 'He jumped out the window and fell to the ground'.

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At the age of 18, Bing had inherited around $600 million

Like so many born-to-wealth philanthropists, he had no relationship with his kids as they grew up. Just being born to money without any personal claim to success can be crushing. Then add getting older with no deep family connections... Money really can be a curse.

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producing and financing movies such as Sylvester Stallone's action flick "Get Carter" and Martin Scorsese's music documentary "Shine a Light," Bing co-wrote the 2003 comedy "Kangaroo Jack."

Bing was also a prominent real estate developer, philanthropist and political donor.

He was a long-time friend and supporter to Bill Clinton

Forget all that!

fathered a child with actress Liz Hurley

The man is a legend!!!

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[ fathered a child with actress Liz Hurley

The man is a legend!!! ]

If he did jump, in the end it didn't amount to much.

And if it turns out that he was just used for his money, even less than that.

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He was the father of a child by Elizabeth Hurley and another by the gold digging Lisa Bonder, who hails from my hometown. She herself was married to a billionaire for 28 days and there was an ugly paternity suit against him but Bing was found to be the father.

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The dark night of the soul comes to us all eventually. Requiescat In Pace

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