'Carol Burnett Show' actor Tim Conway dies at 85

By Frederick M Brown

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One of the funniest comedians ever! May he rest in peace.

Conway, Korman, Burnett and Lawrence: one of the best comedy teams ever.

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I remember a funny story from somewhere about Tim Conway. He was at a party and had the people there roll him up in toilet paper like a mummy. Then somebody took a photo of his face all rolled up in toilet paper and stuck it over his driver's license photo. After that, Conway drove to an intersection where a cop was always catching people who drove through the stop signs. Conway pulled up to the stop sign and rolled through. The cop pulled him over, saw him covered in toilet paper like a mummy, asked for his license and then burst out laughing when he saw the photo. Needless to say the cop didn't give him a ticket and let him drive on his merry way.

What a card.

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He was a funny guy on a very funny show. RIP.

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One of his most famous skits on Carol Burnett, the dentist sketch, was based off of an incident that happened to Conway in the Army.

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I loved watching Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett try not to laugh while he was going through his skits with a straight face

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Ensign Charlie Parker? Wasn't he?

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