Hollywood productions shut down again as LA virus cases soar

By Robyn Beck

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California has handled the pandemic about as well as it’s homeless problem. The governor imposed strict lockdowns then refused to observe himself ( not to mention the speaker of the US House). The state leads the nation in deaths. Why aren’t they following the science?

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California isn't the state with the highest Covid-19 deaths.

That would be NJ. 205 people/100,000.

California 58 people/100,000.

Many other states ahead of California including

Texas 89people/100,000

California is the 39th highest state.


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You know what that means? It's time for scriptwriters, producers, etc. to stay at home but start using their heads again to THINK and come up with some good creativity and fresh ideas that will be ready to go when the pandemic ends, instead of sitting on their duffs and just keeping on shoving all that unoriginal insipid garbage onto us like they have been doing for so many years.

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Tom Cruise was right.

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There hasn't been anything fresh or interesting out of Hollywood for quite a while now. Maybe it's time they do some good writing for a change.

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Gavin Newsome for President!

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Didn't SAG recently cut off health benefits to workers in the industry? Or, reduce them? Something that might account for industry workers spreading Covid-19 because they cannot afford to stay at home on non-existent "sick leave".

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Here in South Cal I haven't seen a lot of deaths so far from Covid-19, but this third wave seems to be hitting a lot more people than the other waves. Just recently we have heard the news about neighbors and our family members who have tested positive. It is scary.

The news reports are that some hospitals are now doing what they call "rationing care," in that they are making decisions as to who is most likely to benefit from intensive care, as they can no longer give everyone the care they need.

Meanwhile, we continue to get reports that in some "conservative" areas, people are still refusing to wear masks, and restaurants are staying open. Where I live, even the Trump voters that I know are taking the pandemic seriously, although some have expressed doubts about taking the vaccine when it becomes available to them.

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One neighbor who was in a Covid ward back in March, and who was in a coma and intubated, is now back to work, although he says he still has trouble breathing, and that his oxygen saturation level is lower than it should be. He told me that two people in the Covid ward died while he was in it, a man and a woman, both of whom were younger than he.

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Our next door neighbor told me that their children and grandchildren wanted to come to their house for Thanksgiving, but that they told their children to stay away this year. The children went to someone else's house to celebrate, and then seven of them soon afterwards tested positive for the virus. One of the grandchildren had visited from Arizona.

A retired neighbor around the corner allowed his daughter and her husband to stay with them over Christmas. The daughter returned to Seattle, sick, and tested positive. The neighbor has now tested positive.

One of our daughters allowed one of her daughters to spend the night at her in-laws' house over Christmas. The four in-laws have since all tested positive. Our daughter's family got tested yesterday, negative, but it may be too soon for the test to show whether they are infected. As expected, there is much concern.

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I hope Hollywood shuts down permanetly.

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