Hollywood stars sign letter calling for responsible gun depictions


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The open letter, penned in response to recent U.S. mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, was also signed by top producers J.J. Abrams ("Lost"), Shonda Rhimes ("Bridgerton") and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

Blasters and light sabers are OK though.

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It all sounds nice, but it's not going to change the thinking a madman. The best thing to do is to eliminate the production and sale of military (style) assault rifles. There's no need for them.

Raising the age from 18 to 21 isn't enough. Arming the teachers (or the students) isn't a good idea. Mental examinations aren't enough. Training police officers isn't enough. And we're supposed to clap our hands because the Republicans are saying that they are now ready to look at these ideas.

No, the best thing to do is to get rid of these high powered weapons, or military-like rifles, which only belong on a battlefield. A crazy person who's bent on murder and suicide doesn't care about anything except killing as many people as they can. It's a crazy game for these sick individuals now (like who can kill the most people/children and inflict the greatest emotional harm) and the media reports just make them more excited to go out with a bang.

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This obviously will not stop the gun violence epidemic in the US, at least not by direct effect on the problem, but on the long term this may help changing the culture of the population about guns, and this may facilitate in the future a real change when people are no longer so much in love with their fire arms.

Maybe the reduction would have an effect similar to what was done (or supposedly done) with tobacco in the media.


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It could be worse. At least they're not putting together a video of them all singing Imagine.

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Did Alec Baldwin sign the letter?

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"Cultural attitudes toward smoking, drunk driving, seatbelts and marriage equality have all evolved due in large part to movies' and TV's influence. It's time to take on gun safety,"

Who wears seatbelts because of movies?

How about taking on the real killers in American society? Drugs and abortion.

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Steve JohnsonToday  06:51 pm JST

Always blaming the gun…when will they be honest and blame the person? A car is just as dangerous in the hands of a mentally I’ll person as any other weapon. A gun is just a tool, Japan is a great example of what people can do when motivated to hurt others. Arson, knives…

As a former gun owner and NRA member who used to say the same thing, that argument no longer holds when a person (who shoud not have been able to posess) a high capacity semi-auto rifle that can target and massacre multiple elementary school children in a short amount of time. The highest capacity firearms designed specifically to kill people was used on the most defenseless victims.

High capacity military styled firearms need to be severly regulated. They aren't needed for hunting, in fact many States outlaw the caliber (for big game) and capacity. As for those who want to own to target shoot, they need to go through a stringent screening amd licensing process. The NRA defends the right of every person to own these types of firearms on the grounds that allowing regulation on them will lead to regulation on all firearms. I believe they are wrong. It will be the failure to regulate these types of firearmss that will eventually lead to a regulation or ban on all firearms.

Gun control is clearly a Public Safety Issue, and should not be treated as a Political one. As far as I am concerned the sooner the NRA ceases to exist the better for the country.

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Believe Switzerland allows people to keep unloaded guns locked in safe at home, but ammunition must be in designated areas, such as firing ranges, hunters lodges, or armouries.

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It's strange being in Canada, and watching America dither over whether 18-21 year old should or should not be allowed to purchase assault rifles, while Canada at the same time is pretty much banning handguns outright.

Which approach seems sane to JT posters?

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Nukes are just tools too, maybe if everyone had access to nukes then we can all be reasonable, we would actually give a dang.

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You can own a Firearm, so long as you belong to a Organized Militia (i.e. Government) or a Private (i.e. Unorganized Militia - regardless of Persuasion) though the responsibility of your usage of that weapon is to the Militia

I think the Proud Boys and the Oathkeeper militias would happily support this.

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They'd need to self-regulate of self-disband.

Or overthrow the government, as any well-regulated militia must be armed and prepared to do. It's the whole purpose of the second amendment.

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