Honami Suzuki returns to NHK Taiga drama after 11 years


Actress Honami Suzuki, 43, who dropped out of show business in 1999, will be returning in next year's NHK Taiga historical drama "Gō: Hime-tachi no Sengoku" (Ladies of the Sengoku period).

Suzuki, who will play the mother of Go (Juri Ueno), the younger sister of Nobunaga Oda, said, "I am very nervous as it has been 11 years since my last film, 'Ichigen-san.'"

However, Suzuki said that because she is actually the mother of three daughters (who are 11, 9 and 7), she thought the role of Go was right for her. She added that sorting our her feelings and the timing of the invitation from NHK “perfectly fit together like magic.”

In 1998, Honami married Takaaki Ishibashi, 48, of the comedy duo TUNNELS. After giving birth to her first daughter in 1999, she focused on being a housewife.

The roles of Yodo and Hatsu will be played by Rie Miyazawa, 37, and Asami Mizukawa, 26.

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Tokyo's audiences are missing you as much as Tokyo needs daily sunshine. Cheers!!!

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Tokyo's audiences are missing you as much as Tokyo needs daily sunshine.

I wonder if this is a complment or a slander. Tokyo surely does not need more sunshine.

About the actress I have never heard about her but good luck in her come back.

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Welcome back Honami-san. You used to earn Tokyo's hearts with the great movie - Tokyo Love Story. It had a sweet song. Japan has began to promote Japanese women's new contributions to Japan's future. It has been an honor for you to be a wife, a mother, and now come back with NHK. Cheers!!!

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I don't know anything about her. But NHK can disappear permanently.

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I don't know much about her, but I love the Sengoku Period and before. I'm looking forward to the next NHK Taiga Drama, and getting to see, andknow more about her as well.

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I had a big crush on her Rika character when Tokyo Love Story first aired.

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I am looking forward now to NHK's next Taiga drama now also, since this one should be mainly about the women of the period, and hopefully will prove to be very interesting to watch... And I remember the TUNNELS clowning around on the old Yoru no Hit Studio show and other music shows with stars like Ann Lewis and Akina Nakamori, so it was also interesting to me to find out that she married one of those guys. :)

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It was across the street from Ebisu Station in 1989 or 1990. Honami Suzuki was surrounded by a crowd of we gawkers as she was filming a TV drama. Turning around and looking up at a huge billboard attached to the railway overpass I saw her face and name emblazoned thereupon. “How serendipitous,” I thought. “Both right here in the flesh, and up there in publicity.” And now, here, once again... You go girl!

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Yeah, what a classic drama the Tokyo Love Story! Everyone was in love with Suzuki Honami and was the trigger for my friends and I to study Japanese!

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