Hong Kong protest film wins Taiwan's Golden Horse award


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Tell the truth about China, so that everyone can see it's true face!

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They ran afoul of Beijing when a Taiwanese director called for the island's independence in an acceptance speech at their 2018 ceremony

I remember this, it was needlessly politicizing an event that actually helped bring people together. It was an event that always had a lot of mainland representation. Especially since most Taiwanese don't even want this, it was foolishly endangering the status quo people actually want to keep.

It has become nothing but political hatchet jobs since, which is a shame. I suppose it is good those films get an outlet, but I can't imagine any other films really wanting to even try competing in this space.

I hope they can reach some kind of reconciliation, as it seems silly to have multiple events for the same thing.

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Taiwan's voice, let it be heard. Hong Kong's voice while silenced by the mainland, can find outlet through Taiwan. Freedom finds a way.

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