Hugh Jackman new pitchman for Toyota in Japan


Hugh Jackman, a favorite among Japanese, and a lover of Japan, is the new pitchman for Toyota with a new TV commercial for Crown Athlete that started airing this week.

Toyota made 2 versions of the new TV commercial, and the special Skyblue model and Bright green model are used for each version.

In the commercial, a ticker saying "What if the color of a car changes with the way you feel" (translated original Japanese text) is displayed. Meanwhile, the vital energy and briskness that Crown Athlete has is expressed with magnificent background scenery.

Jackman sings English versions of famous Japanese songs: popular-among-youth GReeeeN's "Kiseki" in the Skyblue Crown version and the old-school "Ano Subarashii Ai Wo Moichido".

You can watch the full-versions at Toyota's Crown ReBorn special site.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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He sings, he dances - a little Hugh Jackman in the morning while drinking a fresh cup of coffee is not a bad thing !!! Thank you, Toyota!

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Next model will be the Toyota Wolverine. Or maybe the Toyota Miserables......

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Interesting concept but, unsurprisingly, the songs are awful.

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I have always like Hugh Jackman. He strikes me as a genuinely nice guy.

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slumdog , I second that.

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Genuinely nice guy until he gets upset and then the adamantium claws come out.

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It just doesn't quite fit to me, replace the Toyota with a Harley Davidson, oh well. I find it interesting (though not stated above) the Director of this commercial also directed the Transporter 3 movie.

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