Hugh Jackman on 'Logan' - 'It's time to leave the party'

By Rollo Ross

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....And it may just have been my most satisfying cinema experience of 2017. Many were disappointed that it didn't share so many of the Marvel superhero tropes expected of the genre. Don't think Avengers, X-Men or their ilk, think Clint Eastwwod's Unforgiven and you're nearer the mark. A future masterpiece.

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It was a good story. A good drama with a bit of supernatural flavor to it.

It's a good note to finish his run on, but I wish he'd make a cameo on Deadpool 2...

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Different estimates put Logan at 137 to 197 years old. Self-healing helps I suppose.

But Jacko is not going to live forever. I guess it is time to call it a day.

'Logan' was a more fulfilling 'Wolverine' movie than the others in this sense too.

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Marvel's output is exceptional this year. Logan was the darkest, most elegiac of them all.

Plus, it had Stephen Merchant.

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Logan was the best in the series, the peak of Hugh Jackman's X-men career, so a good time to retire his x-men character and continue with different movies.

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I likes the Logan better as it potrayed the human side of a superhero.

Just to admit that I could feel the ground below me when I watched this one.

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