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Hugh Jackman returns as clawed mutant Wolverine in 'Logan'


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One word ... "EPIC"

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Can't wait to see this. Kind of mean for JT to post an article about it on the day that it opens everywhere in the world...except for Japan, where we have to wait for 3 more months. Thanks for rubbing it in, guys.

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It's been a while since I was hyped to see a movie. 3 months is way too long in this day and age.

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it's not in 3 months... but in few days

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it's not in 3 months... but in few days

Unless my eyes deceive me it says 6.1 in the above trailerimage, unless for you 90 days means a few days? :)

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Can't we put wolverines, zombies and transformers to rest for good?

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Can't we put wolverines, zombies and transformers to rest for good?

We most definitely can. If people stop watching the movies, they won't make any money, and the studios will stop making them. So just make sure that if you aren't interested in these movies, you don't spend any money to see them or buy their associated merchandise. That way only the people who are interested in such movies will see them, and if they are a small enough group, their interest will not be enough for the studios to want to continue making such movies.

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The Wolverine was nice because in Japan.

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Opens in San Francisco tomorrow, Friday. During a very slowed down movie period. It will do well.

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I saw a trailer for it the other day, and it looks good. I'm not looking forward to another actor taking on the reigns, though. Actually, I hope they stop making X-Men movies unless they decide on a time-line and story that stops jumping around and with all sorts of different actors. The last few movies were unbearable.

Mocheake: "Can't we put wolverines, zombies and transformers to rest for good?"

Why? Well, okay, why besides the Transformers, which likely won't recover from the last bombshell. Well, okay, maybe Wolverine has a time limit, too. Zombies? never. So long as there is the very real threat of humanity wiping itself off the map with some kind of virus, and so long as the idea of hell and the dead coming to life exist, zombies will always remain popular; same as any folklore like werewolves, vampires, or monsters in general. Transformers and Wolverine are limited in terms of storyline. Zombies are free to roam any and all.

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The last one set mostly in Japan was good. My boys especially enjoyed the fact it had both English and Japanese. Looking forward to the new one, though a bit sad it'll be the last one with Jackman as Wolverine.

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Saw it yesterday. Pretty good. Lots of stabbing, not surprisingly. Recommended if you liked most previous X-men movies.

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Just watched Logan today. It was fantastic. Right up there with Nolan's Batman trilogy, maybe even better.

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