Hulu and Marvel to create 4 animated series


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I love the people they have involved in the project, but frankly I am getting tired of everything Marvel all the time.

Film studios seem to have run out of new ideas.

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Hit-Monkey sounds like it could be brilliant though.

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Howard the Duck was a Marvel Comics great, back in the 70s. Steve Gerber created an hilarious, acerbic and sarcastic character for the times. There was nothing like it, back in the day.

As for the film? Terrible.

If an new animated show can capture the anarchic spirit of the original comic books, I'm all for it. Kevin Smith is a likely candidate and a proper Marvel fan, so that bodes well.

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I love the people they have involved in the project, but frankly I am getting tired of everything Marvel all the time.

Film studios seem to have run out of new ideas.

Marvel has these bajillion stories over several decades though

And people generally don't like new ideas - put a new idea in theaters and they usually do small business because people aren't familiar with them (people like familiar things)

People don't realize about half of studio movies every year are original ideas. Let's take 2015 for an example. A list of all the theatrical released Hollywood films in 2015 that were not an adaptation, sequel, remake, or reboot amounts to 62 original movies in total.

Now compare how many film based off other properties were released nationwide. In total there were 23 sequels, 28 adaptations, 3 remakes, and 4 reboots. In total, that adds up to 58 films.

So, it turns out that there were more original films released that year than all the sequels, adaptations, remakes and reboots combined. But people don't realize that because people don't go see them. People don't like new - people like the familiar, the safe, something they already have expectations about.

Unless people actually go to the theaters to see something new, then that's how it's going to remain. People still go to theaters and pay the exorbitant ticket/popcorn prices to see something familiar, but they won't do that for something new.

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You make a fair point, and certainly informed. I still think Marvel/Disney are over the top right now.

The movies are entertaining, and we've known the characters our whole lives, so there's no need to waste time with too much character development.

Then again, it's painfully obvious that some film projects have put profit and merchandising rights way ahead of a quality story. The stories are formulaic. Good guys bicker and struggle, bad guy seems like they will prevail, good guys work together and / or find previously unknown inner strength, defeat bad guy... for now... until sequel...

Critics whine about whether story is "true to canon" and use of CGI...

Rinse, repeat

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