Hundreds of U.S. theaters begin screening 'The Interview'


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I watched it yesterday. It was low brow humor, but I had a couple of good laughs.

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I watched it yesterday also. No matter what, you have to admit this one was the first of its kind and with that you would expect the degree of controversy that came with. I personally enjoyed it and thought it raised some interesting ideas into the aesthetics of North Korea. Absolutely hilarious and I'm glad they did release it in the end. Lets see what Mr. Un's next move is now.

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Of course the hack had absolutely nothing to do with this movie in the end, so just a bit of opportune marketing for Sony Pictures?

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“It should be shown in this country and somebody in North Korea should not have the right to scare us out of seeing this,”

Tell that to Sony Pictures.

Pandabelle: I doubt it was a marketing gimmick, given the damage the company has suffered in terms of reputation based on their cowardice, and on loss on the movie alone (though ultimately it has become something of a cult flick now). I doubt it'll make up for the losses in the short term at the very least, and has opened up Sony to all sorts of criticism it's not soon going to recover from -- it's literally going to be the butt of all sorts of jokes from here on in. Any time they want to negotiate something or disagree with someone the other party can just say, "Agree with me or we'll hack you!"

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Many sold-out. Victory for the independent theaters.

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Hope someone has taken a movie camera into a theater showing this movie, so we can have a chance to see it at least illegally. LOL

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It was not Sony who cancelled showings. It was NATO (National Association of Theater Owners). Individual theater owners and chains made the decision to not show the film. The rationale behind the decision is not entirely clear but I'm guessing it may have had something to do with safety and liability. But Sony never made this decision.

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I don't think the entire hack was a marketing gimmick, but given that the association with The Interview wasn't made until well after the hack itself was publicized, I think the "NK hacked us because of The Interview!" narrative was a nice bit of opportunism.

After all, why not try to make the most of a bad situation, and raise the profile of a movie that probably wouldn't have performed well anyway?

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"Lets see what Mr. Un's next move is now."

Probably he'll hire someone to make a "comedy" about assassinating Seth Rogen and James Franco.

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Seth Rogen and James Franco should wholeheartedly thank North Korea for all its publicity campaign for the movie.

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Watched most of The Interview last night. Revolving the plot around the assassination of a head of state should have made the movie ridiculous, but unfortunately it did not. I don't know whether to view movie as a condemnation of American foreign policy under the Republicans, as an example of the hidden genius that can still, rarely, come out of Hollywood, or both.

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The hack wasn't even from North Korea. It was manufactured by the US government. Read the latest editorials with evidences that the hacking attempts weren't from North Korea. None of the security experts think it was North Korea, yet the US government immediately points to North Korea.


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There is no screening in Las Vegas, Far away village in our county has 1 theater screening. Unless residents received free buffet and free theater coupon, they just don;t go to theater.

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But with President Obama among others criticizing the decision, Sony officials changed their minds. “The Interview” became available on a variety of digital platforms Wednesday afternoon, including Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft’s Xbox Video and a separate Sony website. Meanwhile, Sony and independent theaters agreed to release it in over 300 venues on Christmas.

Obama had nothing to do with the decision to produce, distribute, or show the movie. He had nothing to do with the decisions to eventually release the movie on the internet or in a few selected theaters.

While I'm in favor of this movie being released to the public as a matter of free speech, I'm not in favor of the subject matter of the movie. Who in their right mind would think that a movie about the assignation of a sitting leader of a sovereign nation would be a great idea for a comedy? Did these Hollyweird genius's actually think that no one would feel insulted? Do they believe that they can yell FIRE in a crowded theater?

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Probably it will be released on some TV channe;s but some people rushed to pay money to watch on You Tube You Gube g€oogle Play or Xbox. Many people prefer free TV showing. In any case, predicted flop movies is now bringing some money to Sony. Media reducingl free publicity stunt to Sony now. What Obama will speak up to hekp Sony gain more income?

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Who in their right mind would think that a movie about the assignation of a sitting leader of a sovereign nation would be a great idea for a comedy?

Maybe it's a new idea from the diplomats? Shape up, or we'll do an assassination comedy about you, and not give you any of the good lines?

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Like Farmboy stated, it is new. Our area entertainment gossip reporters are quite good in digging if there was a comedy that used a living person in comedy TV shows. Once upon a time, sexiest actree that time was Za Za Gabor, The comedy TV series star role in Green Acre character, Lisa said in one of series she had movie role playing Za Za and she was praised excellent on imitating Za Za. That was only one. Others were usually named some characters or charater played himself or his ancestor, etc. Well, Lisa playing actress was younger sister of Za Za. Sammy Davis played himself in one episode of Jeanny comedy series once. So real person impersonation is this movie and this might become trend in future. Not in past. Pat Boone imitated his ancestor Daniel Boone in a comedy episode of Beverly Hillbillies. So, this Kim imitating is first one. If N Korea is not poor and can afford, it might make Obama movie now. But so far it is only barking.

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