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Ian Alexander Jr, only child of Regina King, dies at age 26


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Condolences” offered to the grieving parents. Despite the reportedly close bond between mother & son, this young soul decided to end his own life. “May you Rest In Peace”:

“A family representative confirmed the death was suicide. No further details were released.” -

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Must be a sad life, downvoting thoughts for a grieving family. Help and counseling is available for thiose that choose to seek it.

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@snowy, I did not down vote you earlier, but you put the words condolences and may you rest in peace in quatation marks, which would indicate to me that you were not being sincere and is a slightly odd use of the qoutation marks. Perhaps you are quoting yourself or you just don't know how to use quotation marks. Take it easy...

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Wow, that is so sad, terrible tragedy, no words will ever comfort, console or make her whole again. I pray for her and the rest of their family to get through this most difficult time.

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I remember a quote I read about suicide at uni. It read something like:

”Suicide is a act of desperation. If one were so desperate to relive themselves of their life, why not sell off all their possessions, change their identity, and move to Australia?”

In spite of the superficial knock to Australia, I love this sentiment. If one has no reason to live, why not just begin a new life somewhere out of reach of personal history. It’s funny how far a different haircut, different name, and an unknown reference can affect an individual.

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