Image-conscious Mexico feared being Bond baddie


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So now 007 goes full circle-Spectre rearing it's deadly form of mayhem on Sunny Mexico! Can't hardly wait!

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“The villain was always an Italian.”

Oh, then that's OK, then.

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Mexico's a mess and it's no secret. Even Mexican-Americans I know who are living on the U.S.-Mexico border think people are nuts who want to travel over there right now.

Sure, there are a lot of nice Mexicans, but the facts speak for themselves when looking at the country of Mexico as a whole. Drugs, murder, corruption running rife throughout the police and government, car jackings, you name it. It's a perfect mess and setting for a James Bond flick.

If you do want to go there, you might want to also consider going to Iraq or Syria.

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So I guess we wouldn't want to watch that video of a group of 10 or so men, surrounding four women on their knees as they are then murdered and had their heads cut off with axes?! Yes this was in Mexico recently. Or the group of 43 Mexican college students that were murdered by a City's mayor and Police Chief? We don't want to talk about that either? Yeah, there are no villains in Mexico....yeah right. One of the World's richest men is from Mexico. Stormcrow tells the truth about Mexico.

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